Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kansas City Star Columnist Contends That Buying In Kansas Hurts The Poor

KC Star columnist doesn't like supporting more taxes on the poor as Lewis Diuguid notes:

"It’s also offensive to buy anything in Kansas, where Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican-controlled Legislature increased the regressive sales tax to make up for the foolish cuts in income taxes for some companies and the wealthy . . . "

Read more: Store closings affect shopping habits


Anonymous said...

Dirty Mary is going to do a backup column denouncing Sears as racist for closing the Truman Rd. & Cleveland store.

Anonymous said...

Guess what Mary, we in Kansas don't want you Missouri black scum in our state.

Anonymous said...

I'm always going to spend my money in Kansas if I have the choice.

Bob said...

This is the best argument I've heard for buying a house in Kansas. Better schools, less crime, great deals on beige paint - meh! But a new way to offend Diuguid, what a great motivator to buy in KS. Pay attention, KS real estate brokers!

Anonymous said...

"Makes the poor pay more." You mean a poor person buys a hammer for more money than than someone who is not poor? I didn't know. Do the poor people need to show a card stating they are poor and thusly charged more? And since taxes go to many things including social services, aren't the poor really helping themselves? As my friend Luigi says, " liberal economica theory maka mya head hurt."

Anonymous said...

Those store closings do not affect shopping habits. They're closing them because nobody shops there anymore. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Forget Lewis DoBad, what's really offensive is when nearly an entire demographic group of voters supports a candidate who cynically panders to them yet continually fails to get results.

It's called RACISM.

2012 -- 95 percent of Blacks voting, voted for Obama.

2008 -- 99 percent of Blacks voting, voted for Obama.

2004 -- 93 percent of Blacks voting, voted for Kerry.

2000 -- 95 percent of Blacks voting, voted for Gore.

1996 -- 84 percent of Blacks voting, voted for Clinton.

1992 -- 83 percent of Blacks voting, voted for Clinton.

Anonymous said...

If you want me to buy in Missouri kill the earnings tax. That back scratching shit works both ways. If you want me to attend events and activities in Missouri stop robbing me on parking, stop using traffic fines to finance your pet projects, stop crime, stop pandering to minorities, stop expecting handouts like the city is on welfare, stop wasting tax payers money on defunct school systems, stop building/rebuilding stadiums while roads rot, stop handing out food stamps, welfare, housing, education and medical to young minorities when a senior Caucasian can not even get a band aid without being hijacked.. In short grow the fuck up already and stop wasting the money. Fuck Missouri. I live here and I make every major purchase across the state line. If you don't like it change yer fucking ways.