Monday, August 01, 2016

Kansas City Monday Almost Ready

Candice and very early Kansas City Monday . . . Here are just a few links that we're starting for the early morning.

Take a peek:

Support For Kansas City Police
'Back the Blue Cruise' shows support for KCPD officers
Kansas City Newsie Fun And Games
41 Action News suits up for Sporting KC media game
Cash For Condom Talk
County health officials look for sex education funding after Kansas drops federal grants
Show-Me Balloon Dude Misdeeds
The Latest: Balloon pilot had record of DWI in Missouri
Sunflower State Election Tech
Kansas Voters Have A Choice To Make: Paper Or Electronic
Dead Tree Vs. 2nd Amendment
Letter of the Week: Assault rifles for military use only
A New Hope . . .
Danny Duffy will try to help lift Kansas City Royals out of another skid
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, sexy Lexi kicks ass in a soccer outfit. Post some of those photos.

Bob said...

Thanks for the information, Colonel, but I wonder why the Army issued you a semi-automatic weapon when everybody else got automatics. I also wonder why you think that target shooting and hunting are the only reasons to own a rifle - do you defend your own home with a slingshot?

Anonymous said...

Let's just invade Mexico, take it over, make it the 51st State, and that will solve most of the problems and bullshit we have to deal with.

William Crane said...

Ya bob, I was wondering why he didn't know, as a well trained ex service man, that Automatic Assault weapons were illegal.

I also love how they quote the firing rate of an M-16 but never mention that the Magazine (which I'm sure this idiot will call a clip) only holds 30 rounds-(unless military mags hold more standard). So hold that trigger down and you're out in half a second? That seems unlikely, I can switch mags pretty quick but they have to be set up for easy access and then I'm just dumping rounds, fun but not accurate. Ok, looked it up he's quoting cycling rate which my sources say 750-900 rounds. It's also saying sustained firing rate of 12-15 per minute 45-60 rounds/min burst. At the burst rate the weapon will overheat and seize. But like one of the comments said after congratulating him on such an honest piece, people will no doubt quibble with his statistics using things like FACTS!!!!!
Guy is either lying, ignorant or both.

Anonymous said...

I think he's ignorant and a liar.

Anonymous said...

It's probably more like the Star creating typo errors to suit their story line.
They can always print a correction in next edition on last page in super small type.

Anonymous said...

"County health officials look for sex education funding after Kansas drops federal grants"

Gee I thought Planned Parenthood was wasting out tax dollars educating everyone.

Anonymous said...

"Letter of the Week: Assault rifles for military use only"

The writer of this article is a buffoon and I question his credentials for a myriad of reasons, the biggest being that he flat does not know what he is talking about.

The military M-16 was a fully automatic weapon developed under government contract. It fires a variety of ammo including tracer rounds and brass jacketed ammo. The weapon also is built to attach a variety of military grade accessories including the M-203 grenade launcher.

To blatantly lie and relate that this military weapon and the civilians weapons, commonly and incorrectly called M-16s or AR 15's, are the same weapon with the same effective characteristics is just pure baloney. This has me questioning if this , so called, infantry officer even knows what the hell a gun looks like.

First off the civilian version of the AR-15/M-15 is incapable of fully automatic fire. Fully automatic fore is when you hold down the trigger and the weapon continues to fire until the magazine is empty. Although the civilian version of the AR-15 is a tech looking weapon it is only capable of semi automatic fire. That means the chamber reloads a round after expending a round, but you have to pull the trigger to make it fire each time. This is a basic operational characteristic that is shared by probably 90 percent of rifles and pistols using a jacketed round. There are scores of rifles on the market that are more powerful (killing power) than the M-16 round. The civilian M-16 will also not fire a variety of types of ammo, mainly because the ammo is not legal or available to the civilian public. A civilian M-16 will also not allow the mounting of a bayonet or grenade launcher.

I'm sure the left wing wackos will go after the civilian M-16 just because of the press hype and stupid articles written my morons like this guy, but if I was in the mood to become a mass killer the AR-15 would not particularly be at the top of my list of weaponry. I will avoid naming dozens of superior weapons for the sake of some nutball going after them too.

What is a weapon designed to kill are the thousands of trained soldiers who can now spend 30 months or more actively fighting daily with no break or adequate behavioral support. In Viet Namn a solder usually spent 8 to 11 months before rotating out to get thier heads back in order. If you think the extended time in the war zone, waking up every morning thinking it might be your last, does not have adverse affects on any human being then you don't get what we actually need to be fixing here. It damn sure isn't the civilian M-16.

Anonymous said...

I'f fuck Lexi Sutter in her ass. Then cum all over her face and tits.

Anonymous said...

William Crane, you beat me to the point about the rounds per minute disconnect. The second disconnect is where the writer details the damage that a bullet from this "assault rifle" creates. The 5.56 round of an M4/M16 isn't near as large as many of the rounds that other "non-assault rifles" fire. It's total hyperbole that the writer is more scared of people buying these rifles than he was of his tours in Vietnam. BTW, I did a year in Iraq and a year in Afghanistan.