Friday, August 26, 2016

Kansas City Joey Fisher Early Friday

Brit hottie Joey Fisher begins our work day in at tribute to lady empowerment through mostly pointless office work and we think these Kansas City local links are also a pretty good way to start the morning . . .

Kansas City Morning Peace Keeping
KCMO police take assault suspect into custody after standoff
Healthcare Price Fixing Hits Home
Metro family with food allergies frustrated with EpiPen pricing
Gun Fight Across State Line
3 arrested following shooting spree in KCK
Nearby Town Votes Against Police
City of Odessa votes to disband city police department
Failing Grade For Rugrat Transit
Kansas City's largest school bus provider facing driver shortage as quick fix is expiring
Big Money Project In The Stix
Private Capital LLC on Twitter
Good Catch And Still Out Of The Playoffs
Escobar homers, Dyson makes amazing catch as Royals beat Miami
Welcome To The Soggy Weekend
Pilots hope rain doesn't wash out hot air balloon festival
More in a bit, but this is our OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I bet Darryl Forte gets 6 hours comp time for every tweet. The impact of his scam will be seen upon his retirement.

Anonymous said...

Odessa disbanded its police force and contracted with the Sheriff's department. The KC Board of Police Commissioners should at least look at disbanding the KCPD and starting over.

First Student Stinks said...

First Student drivers are some of the worst out there. They disobey no truck signs and I don't mean when picking kids up they go cutting through neighborhoods marked no truck traffic and clogging up intersections marked no truck traffic just because they want to take a short cut. If they were picking up kids I'd have no problem. They run red lights, block intersections on narrow busy streets trying to make left-hand turns, all just to take what they think is a shortcut. A friend of mine says every morning as he is trying to go to sleep after a night shift some driver sits out in front on his house with the motor running waiting for time to pick up kids. My buddy one morning asked him to go wait down at the shopping center just around the corner and the driver got all nasty and said his boss told him to wait there if he was early. The dipshit when he leaves picks up no kids and drives right by the shopping center, he could wait in if he is 30 fucking minutes to early picking up his first kid.

Anonymous said...


Joey prepares to ace her sex-ed final exam.

I expect she'll graduate MAGNA CUM LOUDER!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how news stories tip-toe around why it's so hard to hire bus drivers around here. The pay and bennies are generally pretty good by local standards.

The problem is narcotics. Getting people who both have a commercial drivers license and can pass a drug test is like trying to stock your zoo with unicorns. Not many of those around.

It's not media distortion when people say this region is the epicenter of the U.S. meth culture. It's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Russia's pipeline project to pump gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea is a bad deal for Europe that would destabilize Ukraine, US Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday.

Does Joe say this stuff to help his bad son Hunter, the one that kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for Cocaine, that was was installed on a Ukrainian Gas Company's Board of Directors along with John Kerry's stepson, Chris Heinz? The two sons obviously weren't put on the Board for any expertise they may have in the Energy business; and they don't even speak the language, so it must be yet another Pay for Play scheme where the Gas Company gets ACCESS to the US Vice President and Secretary of State to to their bidding through their sons who are collecting handsome stipends on the Board.