Monday, August 22, 2016

Kansas City Harsh Times: Big Crowd Emerges For Jackson County Delinquent Land Tax Sale

Out and about this morning our blog community sent this image of harsh times as hundreds waited on the courthouse steps for the Delinquent Land Tax sale . . . Some conversation from the crowd revealed a few intricate buy back schemes that we don't want to ruin . . . Basically this is a festival of local broke-ass folks and those who are hard working enough to try to earn a few pennies from reclaimed property.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

WHAT ABOUT THE VESTORS! Thinks of all that development potential!!!!

JoCoPost said...

Someone buy a house for Da Mayor!!! He's just a renter, at 108 E. 30th St, on Union Hill. Someone fork over $100 bucks and BUY MAYOR SLY JAMES A HOUSE!!!!

If you need help, I'll start a Kickstarter...

Think about this:
Three homeless men in the last mayor's race.
1. Sly James, renter on Union Hill
2. The General, a homeless vagrant who often stayed in motels on the Paseo, and borrowed some co-dependent rescuer gal's telephone in Brookside, so Micheal Mahoney could at least reach him occasionally, altho NOT to report he was homeless. (protect the family's dignity. Shades of Caleb Schwab.)
3. Clay Chastain, rented a room in his sister's house when he was here in town, and then rented an apartment all by his big-boy self for his real residence and part time engineering or landscaping job in Virginia.

And folks wonder, why KCMO is becoming Little Chicago.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^You live in Kansas so why do you give a fuck who lives where you insane dingbat?

Bob said...

Nonsense. A renter is not a homeless person.