Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Consider The Conflicted Kansas City EDC

Tuohey is apparently back from Summer vacay but still just as Catholic as ever. His money quote for today: "The EDC doesn’t just have financial relationships with the organizations they regulate—they depend on those relationships for over half of their budget. Worse yet, the more subsidies that are awarded, the more money they collect in fees."

Read more: "For It Is in Giving That We Receive."


Anonymous said...

The EDC is run by that Doobie Gillus dipshit that drops to his knees for anyone who will buy him lunch.

Langenkamp makes Hillary look like the JV.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dobie Gillis.

Damn spell check.

crickets said...

Better headline: Consider the corrupt EDC. When the guy who oversees Legal Aid of Western Missouri wears several hats with the City including being a board member at EDC, the best Title is: Consider the Corrupted EDC. They know they are in clofict of their duties because they are lawyers. Who is hoing to set them straight and ensure there is not a conflict of interested from any member, staff or counsel at EDC?