Sunday, July 03, 2016

Will Council Dude Quinton Lucas Pass Proposed Kansas City Tax Break Crackdown??? Probably Not

Another celebration of high expectations and great potential that probably won't yield much . . . However, given the current development slate mania, locals are expected to applaud the effort. Take a look: Will KC get a law to rein in development incentives? One councilman is trying


Northlander said...

The earnings tax is only for the middle class and the poor. The people who own a business write off the car expense , food and drink , phone and clothing and other expenses. The developers don't pay on their rental units as income so guess who get stuck with paying, ?
That's right the poor and middle class.

Anonymous said...

And Sly keeps raising sales tax and water bills. He is the champion of the speculators.

Anonymous said...

Lucas is a joke.

Anonymous said...

"...had plenty of private meetings with businesses..."


I'm going to propose an ordinance to rein in your undemocratic power, but first I want to make sure it doesn't offend you?

It was a good idea, now someone with some balls needs to do it without asking if its okay with the power players.