Saturday, July 30, 2016


An outsiders view of primary slap-fighting and a really great critique of the "progressive" media effort to turn Kansas into something else besides a solidly Red State which it has been throughout the modern era. Take a look: Affluent Kansas City Suburbs at Center of Political Backlash


Anonymous said...

we continue yo see missouri families move to kansas for the schools, and we've never heard of a family moving to missouri for the schools.

Anonymous said...

We have bee fighting this battle for 30 years, even since Joan Finney and her liberal Supreme Court decided that equal and identical are the same thing. Every time I go to a school board meeting, some young mother gets up and declares that we need to raise taxes. That is great, I am very conservative and agree that we need more money; however, the funds leave us and go to Topeka to be spent how the legislators decide. Unfortunately, a majority of them have decided that "rich Johnson County" can just pay for it all. If we could spend the funds on our own schools, I would vote for a tax increase in a New York minute, but I am not going to raise my taxes $1.00 to get 2 cents worth of benefit for my district. This is not Brownback or the legislature, this is a Supreme Court issue. I urge all Kansas to take a hard look at their decisions and vote some of the justices out in November. They don't like the funding, but they are unwilling to tell us what they like. They have hurt every high performing district in Kansas, and they have encouraged the hundreds of little school districts out west that need to be consolidated to save money. We have the worst of all worlds, and it is not Brownback's fault. It has been an ongoing issue for 30 years.