Monday, July 18, 2016


Over the past few days Kansas City residents have been recycling tired columns and social media which contend that this town is lucky for missing out on the GOP convention. Like it or not, this is nothing more than sour grapes.

Chinese proverb: "May you live in interesting times."

Yes, this is really a Chinese curse but it's also a typically American sentiment and a call for courage.

Accordingly, let's look at a bit of history . . . The '76 Convention in Kansas City was one of the most tumultuous affairs in GOP history and also one of the greatest. More interestingly, outside Bartle Hall local organized crime foughtto control vice and an EPIC battle that still seems to define the crime scene.

And so . . . The Rise of Reality Star Donald Trump to the top of the Republican Party is historic whether you like him or not.

Today, he put down GOP rebellion in yet another power move . . .

Convention drama: Trump campaign stops rules rebellion

And yes, there are threats and heightened tension amid despicable acts of domestic terrorism against police but Kansas City's answer to culture war tumult has been an effort to run and hide.

Fact is: Kansas City had an inside track for the GOP Convention 2016 and Mayor Sly and his team taking over the bid ruined it.

Now that it's mostly all said and done, ask any insider about this one and they'll confirm that the way Mayor Sly & McGurk treated Cathy Nugent was pretty bad given her very respectable insider effort to win the Republican convention.

In the aftermath so many references to fear (of violence) and loathing (of Trump & the GOP) seem like nothing more than pouting over Kansas City losing its place on the national stage.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Can only agree here about Sly's behavior in most circumstances when women are involved. He simply can't handle strong women. That's been his MO since day one.

Anonymous said...

Of course back in 1976 KC was a town people wanted to come to. That sure changed.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland is a grown up city, Kansas City is not.

You could not have handled it.

You're lucky you lost it.

Anonymous said...

7:42 is right. Ruskin, Hickman mills.,were good schools then. Now..... war zones.

Anonymous said...

I blame Hillary

gallahadian said...

god damn, loook at that glory hog. and yes, i wish we would go back to the spirit of 76, native population whithers and hand wringing, before hip shit hop corrupted the minds of the nation, economic steady times on the horizion wereas now, since 2008 atleast and ongoing the new normal is poverty. fucking horrible.

Anonymous said...

kc would have been a fine place for a convention. let's try for next time.

out-of-towners usually are positively surprised by our city.

with the exciting downtown growth, kc should be able to throw a great convention by 2020.

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