Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kansas City Prof. William Black Explains Hillary Double Cross For Wall Street: Where Is Sen. Kaine On Economic Reforms???

Great link suggestions from our blog community . . . UMKC's foremost economic expert Professor William Black offers an approachable but still expert analysis of what the new VEEP picks means to the financial world . . . Which is the only opinion that really matters:

UMKC Prof. William Black: "What’s especially noteworthy is that Hillary Clinton and Kaine are carrying Wall Street’s water while the Republican Party is repudiating some of these policies. The Republican Party platform (cynically) calls for reinstating Glass-Steagall, and Donald Trump has called for the defeat of TPP in an equally cynical fashion."

Read more: Hillary-Kaine: Back to the Center


Anonymous said...

corrupt status quo involves establishment of both parties.

bernie would have changed things, even if in an unpredictable fashion.

Anonymous said...

The standards in this country have gone to shit. No one is going to save it.

Super Dave said...

I have been surprised at the number of people who all of a sudden are going with Hillary since she picked Kaine as her VP, based only on the fact he went to Rockhurst.

That's not even using common sense in picking a candidate. Voting for a person based on religion, race, or place of education for the highest office in the country should based on who the person is and their past track record.

Plus the VP position is basically only a status position that carry's very little real power or notice unless your an idiot like Quayle was or shot a fellow hunter in the back as Cheney did.So far all Biden has done is set the record for saying ridiculous things as has Obama.

Anonymous said...

People are voting for Hillary simply because she has a vagina.

Super Dave said...

4:27 you're right in more ways than one about that. It's like this, lets make her the first woman president like we made Obama the first black president. Nobody cares anymore if the person is able to handle the office in a responsible way.

I'd like to see a law passed that if a member of your family is the president, then your whole family can not have a member in the white house for 24 years. You watch for a push in 3 years for Michelle Obama to make a run at being president.

Anonymous said...

Dems are proving themselves to be sleazier then the Rethugs now that the lid is off.

Anonymous said...

The average Nigel or Joe doesn't know much about economics other then the bills come due at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Blue-collar Democrats shift to Trump in light of Hillary's:

pro-Wall Street cronyism,
pro-NAFTA and TPP trade deals draining jobs and factories from America,
anti-labor union policies,
pro-income disparity favoring the one-percenters,
pro-LGBT favoritism,
pro-Black Lives Matter radicalism,
pro-open borders for illegal immigration,
pro-welfare benefits favoring illegals over poor Americans

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Virginia, people called him "Kickback Kaine". He's a crony capitalist, just like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

I know this is Tony's Kansas City, but why do you limit yourself to only the opinions of Kansas City "experts"? If these people were really that smart they would have been noticed, & have left Kansas City a lone time ago.

There's a whole, great big world out there full of people who are smarter, better educated & more international than any one in Kansas City. Don't be so parochial. A closed system can not create anything new, especially new ideas.

EVERYONE carries "Wall Street's Water" because its a world, not a country. Instability in the 'markets' leads to Geo-political instability, which leads to market instability, which leads to Geo-political instability, which leads to market instability, which leads to Geo-political instability, which leads to ...

You can't shackle the markets with artificial barriers & you can't export without trade deals, & if you can't export than there no job creation, because there's no point to manufacturing.

That's why we're becoming a two class country. Those with money seek services, & those without money get jobs as servers. This fantasy will only carry us so far, until we become a banana republic with massive unemployment, crime & homelessness which will lead to domestic instability. Pretty soon we'll have roving gangs of criminals & attacks on the police themselves. Oh, wait ... is it already too late.