Sunday, July 03, 2016

Kansas City Blogger Clowns High Flying SecState Kris Kobach Scandal

Hilarious transit suggestion an analysis of a Sunflower State conservative's liberal use of state resources: Kobach - can I suggest an Uber?


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Readers,

In this episode of Patton's Pathetically Putrid Pontifications, we find Aimee returning to her secret crush, the KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach, he with the educational degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Yale Law, along with a White House Fellowship, etc. Aimee would join the Republican Party if Kobach smiled and winked at her.

Apparently, just thinking of Kobach has Aimee all tingling and bit disoriented, as she writes, "We all know you as the cape crusader.." Uh, pardon me, Aimee with the moist panties, but I believe the phrase is the "caped crusader" in the fictional Batman character. Can we get the details correct?

"Disenfranchising voters, most of them Democrats..." Of course, it's a vast right-wing (or is it white-wing) conspiracy, because Aimee read it in some politically liberal media outlet like the financially and morally bankrupt Kansas City Star.

I'm so glad that Ms. Patton is paying attention to state officeholders use of state-owned aircraft for their travel. But, come to think of it, when MO Governor Jay Nixon had a similar situation reported several years ago, Ms. Patton spoke nary a word on the issue, because he's a Democrat and everybody knows that Democrats can do whatever they want with no accountability. Right? Likewise, Aimee was silent on Senator McCaskill's failure to pay property taxes on her plane, and a long list of like-minded Democrat malfeasance. Or let's delve into a local organization like Children's Mercy Hospital who just splurged on a new jet for their executive team of multi-millionaire administrators.

As for your Bobby-Susie-Jimmy scenario, reminds me of the real-life example whereby 2008 candidate Obama claimed he was always against the war in Iraq, prisoner torture, the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the failure to rebuild America's infrastructure, to hold Wall Street accountable for the 2008-2009 crash, etc. Yet, now that he's closing out his 2nd term, and has massively failed to remedy these problems, he still resorts to blaming Bush, or Congressional Republicans, or anyone but himself! Once again, Aimee is silent on this Democrat-led debacle.

Ms. Patton, just a thought, but if you want to continue spending your time blogging on political matters, for the sake of all intelligent readers.....keep your head on your shoulders, and out of your black hole.

Anonymous said...

This asshole made the same comment on her blog, where he referred to himself as Legal Eagle.

"for the sake of all intelligent readers.....keep your head on your shoulders, and out of your black hole." Do you really think an intelligent person made this comment, dear reader?

Legal Eagle write your own blog, so I can not read it at my leisure.

I don't read a liberals blog to see what asshole conservatives have to say about her posts.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Oh shut the fuck up pussy

Anonymous said...

Legal Eagle nails it and if this Patton twat hates KS so much, I'm sure no one could care less if she moved to a great lib paradise like CA.

Anonymous said...

Kris is a doll. He can fly my friendly skies anytime!

Anonymous said...

11:43 comment

Thanks for confirming that LegalEagle struck a chord with readers.

When the opposing side (read: losers) vociferously responds by protesting another's right to free speech, while failing to counter the criticism leveled at the target, people like 11:43 validate and reinforce the fact that the original comment was accurate.

11:43 writes, "Legal Eagle write your own blog, so I can not read it at my leisure." Say what? "so I can not read it at my leisure" WTF? Was that supposed to make sense?

11:43, we'll wait for you to catch up, after you complete your remedial communications course.

Anonymous said...

This is 11:43

I didn't read his entire comment. I read the first sentence, noted the tone & moved on. I also noticed his last sentence.

11:18, retard, I clearly stated that I would not read it. I'm sorry you're not smart enough to understand sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

11:43, aka 12:16 comment

You say you read the first sentence and noticed the last sentence, which strongly implies you skipped everything in the middle. You are a LIAR!

I know you're a LIAR, other readers here know you're a LIAR, and you know that you're a pathetic LIAR.

If you actually read her original blog posting, did you not notice the space photo of a black hole, which she was using as a comical budgetary reference? The Legal Eagle was cleverly playing off of her own reference and not attempting to be overtly rude.

Aimee Patton's blog postings are clearly a desperate cry for intervention. She gets few comments, and most are from nodding-head Liberal sycophants who write gems such as "another good one, Aimee"...."you really told those Republicans!"...and other pitiful throwaway one-liners. Truth is, that Aimee Patton longs for a strong Conservative man to pat her on the butt and set her straight on the superior path of Conservative Republican politics.

I think both Patton and Legal Eagle are operating above your IQ safety zone, so perhaps you should go back to the Cartoon Channel and seek solace with the make-believe.

And what makes you think that Legal Eagle doesn't write his own blog?