Thursday, July 21, 2016


In a tragic Kansas City, Kansas killing of a police captain . . . Charges came down fast and furious today.

Check the roundup:

KCTV5: Man accused of killing KCK police captain charged with capital murder

Fox4KC: Two men charged in shooting death of KCK police captain; suspected shooter faces capital murder

KMBC: Charges announced in fatal shooting of KCK police Capt. Dave Melton

Channel 9: Sister of man charged in police shooting case: Brother got in with troubled crowd

Deets from KCTV5:

"Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman announced the alleged killer of veteran police captain Robert Melton will face capital murder charges.

"Capt. Robert D. Melton was shot to death Tuesday while investigating a drive-by shooting. Police have said they don't believe his death was a planned ambush.

"Two suspects were arrested the same day. Gorman said the two men being held in connection to the fatal shooting are Jamaal Lewis and Daqon Sipple. Police say they are not looking for any other suspects at this time.

"Lewis has been charged with capital murder of a police officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held on a $10,000,000 bond.

"Sipple, the alleged accomplice, has been charged with aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer. Sipple's bond has been set at $100,000."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

dey dindu nuffins. dey was good boys. dat aint who dey be. dey be wit a rough crowd. we needa talk about these keeidz out here with deese guns.

Look at those ugly things. Soulless. No remorse. No response. Merciless, dead eyes.

18 and 20 are not children they are adults capable of making adult choices and receiving adult consequences. I guess that excuse never gets tired out among blacks. Dey didden do nuffin. If dey diddens, who did? Probably another black, who you're hiding, protecting from the ebil yt law.

Too many white liberals subscribe to "paint job theory" The erroneous notion that niggers are just like us only with a different paint job. It is one of the most insidious lies being taught in the government indoctrination centers formerly known as schools.

Just like us.. right.

Menard the Libtard said...

Just victims of racism. I am sure they had a good reason for doing what they did. They are oppressed people who just need understanding.

Anonymous said...

Eligible for the death penalty in Kansas City. Isn't that an oxymoron?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the White guy who killed a cop a month ago also charged with capital murder?

Anonymous said...

Curtis Ayers has also been charged with Capital Murder. Just making sure there is even application of the law. He also killed Detective with KCKPD a month ago.

Anonymous said...

are they dead yet?

Anonymous said...

I see no evidence that the shooters are black...

other than their dark skin and dreads

Anonymous said...

America needs to demand reparations!!

from the blacks -- to be paid to White people

Anonymous said...

well , one thing we know for sure , he'll never be executed ,not in is.

he'll get life and probably be up for parol in 25 years.

probably make parole in 30 years..damn this tittle mother mucker will just be in his fifties when they let him out!!!!!!!!

I'm not a judge or a lawyer,not trying to act lik one..I just know the crazy shit I've
seen over the years , Christ, there are people saying the streets ,who should never have gotten set loose from their cage!!!! you watch..

Anonymous said...

Capital murder in KS carries two penalties: 1. death: or 2. life without possibility of parole.

6:17 You've likely seen crazy shit in different states but there are only two possibilities in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Give him the needle. Do the same for the white meth-head Ayers.

Anonymous said...

Suspects sister says, "He got in with a wrong crowd."

Here's how to fix that, sis.

"Don't do that."

Pretend I'm the black daddy you never
had giving you some parental advice.
Here's some more.

"Stop killing people. Especially cops."

Anonymous said...

4:59, you racists are accomplishes, too.

Your constant stream of ignorant, racial hatred has poisoned our country.

Black people shouldn't have to bear constant witness to your evil mutterings.

Didn't you think that some of them would learn to hate white people as an act of self-defense?

This good man should not be dead, but you helped create this sickness that is america, today.

Anonymous said...

Put the crack pipe down, you numbskull.

Anonymous said...

Time to borrow a scimitar from ISIS.

Bob said...

"He got in with the wrong crowd," sister says. "We got in with the wrong scumbag," crowd says.

Anonymous said...

nice one Bob! you are quickly climbing the ladder to tkc commenter prestige.

keep up the good work.I talked to the big guy,himself..he likes your work. Congrats .

Anonymous said...

6:46 Tony take your meds

Anonymous said...

I feel ya 7:45..I just ignored the comment ,because it was truly retarded.

don't let em get at you.i know it's hard, hell ,I'm currently in family fights because of my is all raging libs, I don't fall for the shit either, and they just go fucking nuts on me when I dare chime in..

don't get ne wrong I've gone off too,as you said ,what's happening is making you feel crazy .I sure know the feeling

I have to just suck it up tho,no matter how goddamn hard it is..we're all getting older and I'd hate for my mom to keel over arguing with me about my views on politics and race.

Anonymous said...

The ghost of Byron?

Anonymous said...

8:24 SMACK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be careful you might hurt Byron's feelings

Anonymous said...

No, he is a good swimmer or something

Anonymous said...

They even look like murderous assholes.