Thursday, July 14, 2016

Caitlin And The Kansas City Link Pool!!!

Caitlin O'Connor and her enduring hotness inspire this quick collection of all the Kansas City links that are worth a click but maybe not a post. Take a peek:

Relaxed City Council Summer Schedule
Council Votes On West Side Apartments, Light Rail Postponed
Golden Ghetto Tragedy
Pet dies in Overland Park house fire
More Cash Dedicated Inside The Loop
KC looks at enhancements for Grand Boulevard bridge replacement downtown
Gunfire Aftermath Report
1 critically hurt in shooting on East 30th Street
Endless Tech Talk From 12th & Oak
Mayor Sly James Seeks Entrepreneurs for Innovation Partnership Program
Work Our Tired Local Democracy
KC Election Board looking for election workers
TKC TOLD YOU: Read More . . .
An aquarium could soon be coming to the KC Zoo
Kansas City Artsy Complaints & Calendar
Kansas - shocker - saps art funding, your Third Friday starts in Columbus Park, and other art news
More Deets On Drinking With Doggies
Puppies and pilsners: 'Bar K' dog park eyes KC's riverfront
Old School Kansas City Scaling Back
Len Dawson to cut back duties on Chiefs Radio Network
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

It was bound to happen. But I worry who is going to fill in when he finally calls it quits. My guess is Trent Green. I think he's boring, but I fear it will be him. Next in line is Bill Maas, but the guy has a famous drug problem and can't be reliable. Worst case would be Jaycie Pearson.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^ You idiot, you know Glazer is just waiting for Lenny to croak so he can take his place. Glazer will tell you to your face, or beat the crap out of you if you disagree with him that nobody knows more about football and betting on football than the King of Stink.

Anonymous said...

NEXT YEAR: "Len Dawson to broadcast little league baseball from rest home using binoculars and tin can with string". He can no longer make it to Chiefs stadium without shitting his Depends.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Lolz, but ouch.

At least Alex Smith isn't alone in being the only one out there who's caking their pants under pressure.