Sunday, July 24, 2016

Behati Kansas City Sunday

Behati Prinsloo was one of our favorite underwear angels but now she ruined her body and leaves only a legacy of angelic hotness for us to remember on this Sunday along with this glimpse at all the Kansas City mainstream media links for right now amid this steamy weekend . . .

Kansas City Firefighters Endure
Heat, humidity complicate work at scene of KC house fire
New York News Down Cowtown Memory Lane
Kansas City sex slayer kept detailed diary of torture, murder
Deets On Kansas City Light Rail Fight
Clay Chastain's light rail plan appears headed for November ballot
Gorgeous And Generous Kansas City Blogger Shanely Shares Free Swag
Late Summer Style - Plus a Giveaway | Out to Eat
Royals Break With The Past
Johnny Cueto feels slighted Royals didn't invite him to White House
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The guy made millions off of pitching one, one good game.


Anonymous said...


Coming in the Fall reality TV lineup: Charlie's Fallen Angels

Watch what happens when we fill a house with lingerie-clad promiscuous models and select one lucky guy each day to tempt them with his pitchfork!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, for not having a job or any other VISIBLE means of support, that son-of-a-bitch Clay, sure dresses well...

Anonymous said...

5:50 -- He dresses well because he's not from Kansas City.

Kansas City males mostly look like undertakers (dark suits and ties) or wear bizarre lowlife hipster regalia (tight pants, stupid hats, tattoos all over, neckbeards) or rapper/thug regalia (gold chains, flat-brim baseball hats, synthetic-fiber baggy clothing).