Sunday, July 03, 2016

Additional Security Added To JOCO Jewish Community Center One Year After Deadly Tragedy And More Recent Threats

This weekend the world reacts to one of the passing of one of the most important writers and advocates history has ever witnessed. . .

World Reacts to Death of Elie Wiesel, 'Conscience of the World'

Closer to home and on a tragically related note . . . The threat of violence against the this JoCo community center and this EXCELLENT report does its best to hearten a community that has continually come under fire throughout history . . .

A year after Campus steps up security, guards reassure visitors and staff

More in a bit . . .

16 Comments: said...

There are no Armenian Moguls in Hollywood. The "Armenian" genocide by Muslim Turks, state sponsored, stated effected and still unrecognized by the world, including our cunt president means nothing because they were "Christian".

Endless movies ad nauseum about evil Nazis, but not a peep from any Dhimi Western Country Entertainment Industry(Including America) about the real, REAL evil in the world, that to THIS day, murders and rapes entire ethnic, religious groups (Hey BLACK PEOPLE, what is happening in Darfur? Idiot fuckks.), stones women, genitally mutilates women, grooms little boys and girls for sex/slave/whores and catamites not to mention uses terrorist attacks to inflict their stone age ideology on those who don't "convert".

The horrors of Islama-phobia are ever present in the national discourse, beginning after every terrorist attack, while the dead still bleeding out. Leading the charge, to make sure we hoi polloi understand that the real threat is NOT the Muslim Terrorists who now live amongst us, by way of pernicious and treacherous Progressive Immigration policies, are JEWISH HOLLYWOOD movie Stars and Jewish Hollywood moguls.

America has gone insane.

Anonymous said...

American Thinker is a phony.

I stopped reading at "Cunt President".

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo typically Missouri. Even a mention of the Ozark hillbilly mass murderer of Overland Park brings out the local antisemites. You people are an entire state full of mentally defective inbred white trash. If Jesus actually was God, he would have dropped a nuke on your state by now because of how you make Christianity look so bad. said...

"American Thinker is a phony"?

Typical Liberal, attack the messenger.

The facts are incontrovertible and unambiguated. If harsh language upsets you, just wait until your little girl is groomed for some rag head fuck that should have never (Exactly like Omar Mateen's Taliban Father.) have been allowed to come here.

Go to your "Safe Space". Cut your own head off you dhimni cunt.

Anonymous said...

The toy train killed Jesus and blamed the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Good for the JCC. Security is inconvenient and expensive. It's a real commitment to have a full time security staff that can actually protect.

Anonymous said...

Not all Jews are effeminate liberals who rely on the state to protect them.

Send your national socialist murderers at the community. You will not be given the mercy that old snitch got.

To all you Jew haters, they know your address. The elite who run the world know where you sleep.

Anonymous said...

I live near the JCCC. it is an important part of the entire community. I wish them well. I am not Jewish.

Anonymous said...

LOL. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I've got this correct.

"A year after Campus steps up security, guards reassure visitors and staff"....reads the title. What does that mean? Did it take a year of increased security for the guards to begin reassuring visitors and staff? Are visitors and staff so preoccupied with themselves that an entire year passed before they noticed there were full-time armed guards on the premises?

The photo caption reports the two guards shown were honored with Mench of the Year awards by Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy. WTF? Besides misspelling the Yiddish word "mensch", the writer fails to define this word which is unfamiliar to a majority of Americans.

I am amazed that the writer seems rather astonished that there's a direct correlation between auto thefts, burglaries, violent acts, etc., and the presence of armed security officers. How much do want to bet though that she's likely a pro gun-control advocating Democrat? You can put the evidence right before their eyes, and they remain blind to reality.

Now, if we can get to the heart of the issue at hand here. What is the Jewish Community Campus? It's an attempt at self-segregation. For whatever reason, real or imagined, those who call themselves Jews for religious or cultural identity reasons have chosen not to integrate into the larger KC-metro community. They apparently believe that by pooling their resources together, and maintaining business and social activities within their own kind, they can remain strong as a group. If this sounds like shades of racism or discrimination to you, you're excused for thinking out loud.

There are a great many people who find fault with the historical segregation practices of the antebellum American South, not understanding the fear and exclusionary beliefs of a population thinking they were only protecting their people and heritage. Or, the demands from some in the African-American community for African-centered schools within the public education system to properly instruct their child in an Afrocentric viewpoint. Likewise, it's been rather common in the last 10-20 years to see public/political commentary openly critical of what's termed "fundamentalist Christianity."

While public mood and opinion constantly swing back and forth between extremes, presently we have an Administration that preaches tolerance and acceptance for illegal aliens violating our laws; the LGBT community, some of whom seek special recognition and protection for their minority status; and refugee Muslims, who may or may not have been vetted for extremist views.

Anonymous said...


Ok, back to the main point of why like-minded groups seek comfort and security amongst themselves, to the exclusion of others. Doesn't it likely go back to our primal instincts for survival? Something deep within our brain is programmed such that survival odds are increased when we stick together with our own family units.

I find it amusing that media behaves so schizophrenic-like when it comes to the different groups involved, most of whom are expressing the same policies, but from their own selfish agenda. A liberal dominated media would have you believe the following:
GOOD -- Self-segregating Jews with their own community centers and schools.
Illegal aliens who are breaking the law in search of a better life.
LGBT activists who seek rewards for being "openly gay" in public.
African-centered education in public schools.
Those with criminal records who need public assistance, and law changes like "Ban the Box."
Muslims immigrants who don't wish to assimilate into their host country.
Black Lives Matter activists who seek everything from reparations, to racial quotas, to mandatory social welfare payments based on skin color.

BAD -- Fundamentalist Christians who believe in "creationism" and establish their own private schools.
Strong law and order proponents.
Heterosexuals who express any anti-LGBT sentiment.
White supremacists
Defenders of U.S. Constitution
White males

Anonymous said...

Whites, conservatives, males, etc. are in a position of power whereas the other groups you contrast them with are not in a power position. As Chris Rock said, you don't want to trade places with me if you are white, and I am rich.

Anonymous said...

2:08 & 2:09 - Interesting theory but completely wrong. The JCC is a resource to all of Johnson County and your little rant overlooks the fact that the people who were murdered by the Nazi were actually white Christians.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know jews used the Jewish Community Center and the killer's body count supports that. Just saying that if he wasn't mentally defective and really wanted to kill jews, he'd have picked Saturday at a synagogue.

Anonymous said...

We all have a right to worship and live in peace. Nazis, racists and haters deny that.

todawgs said...

It's true that over fifty percent of the people that compose the global cabal that have concentrated over ninety percent of the world's wealth, and power/control, and use the US Government as -t's enforcement arm, and that is oppressing, impoverishing, and murdering humanity are Zionists. They are responsible for over a hundred times more deaths than the Nazis came close to.They are doing it at this moment.