Thursday, June 23, 2016


Like it or not, the locals are united in strident support for gun law reform that's still causing debate. Here's what one of the most active Kansas City metro groups has to say about it:

Committee Applauds Actions by Democratic Congressmen

Fresh off the biggest mass shooting in American history, many Democratic members of Congress took to dramatic action drawing attention to the historic inaction of that body in addressing common sense gun policy. Led by Representative John Lewis of Georgia, a large number of officials staged a sit-in on the floor of the House to protest the lack of action from Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is refusing to allow a vote on any gun legislation. One proposed measure would simply restrict potential terrorists who are on the "no fly list" from purchasing firearms. Sadly, if such legislation existed, the tragedy in Orlando may have been prevented.

Our own Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver of Kansas City joined the demonstration early and remarked, "if you are too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to buy a gun," which is a sentiment held by an overwhelming majority of gun owners (82% according to the New England Journal of Medicine). As their actions drew more attention, they were joined by many members of the Senate including Missouri's Claire McCaskill.

Jackson County Democratic Chairman Tom Wyrsch says this about today's actions: "Not having the guts to hold a vote on such common sense legislation is an incredible sign of weakness made even worse when Speaker Ryan cut off the live television broadcast in an attempt to keep voters from seeing the demonstration. The people demand action, not silence."

While the feed of C-SPAN was cut under orders of Speaker Ryan, members of Congress streamed the sit-in and speeches for hours through social media outlets. Among those who spoke passionately about getting a vote included former Jackson County Truman Gala guests Rep. Lacy Clay of St. Louis and Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona.

The Jackson County Democratic Committee along with millions of concerned citizens across the nation think we are owed some kind of action to prevent another mass shooting from happening. The people overwhelmingly support keeping weapons out of the hands of our enemies as well as expanding background checks. For the safety of their own citizens, our elected officials must act.

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Anonymous said...

What a load- how many people reported that guy in Orlando to the FBI etc. And the government did not do their part. This is meaningless theatrics. Keeping law abiding citizens from having guns does not stop law breakers from committing crimes. Check out Chicago. KC, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Jackson County Democrats"....for explanation, see above posting description:

"There is a sub-culture of politicians in this city that are at war with each other! This sub-culture of Democrats do sit-downs, steer contracts, fight other political sets and do forced robberies! They laugh at the rule of law! It's the pure definition of weakness when kids are killed over and over again in a community and Democrats (Mayor James, Prosecutor Baker, Congressman Carwash, Gov. Nixon, Senator McCaskill, President O-Blame-a) do nothing but stand and circle jerk."

Anonymous said...

The problem with Jacksson County Democrats is that Jackson County coons and Mexshitcans elected them white being a primary reason for crime. Frankly, what we need is less ass sitting Democrats and more hard work in prosecuting criminals.

Anonymous said...


Bob said...

While Congress is out of session, maybe Cleaver can pick up a few bucks flipping burgers or waiting tables, so he can clear that SBA loan debt.

Anonymous said...

Guns ain't going anywhere Mr. 90 percent coon head.