Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The New Kansas City Sound?!?!

A lot of description of the jazz hip-hop fusion that's powering some of the most vibrant musical work coming out of Kansas City right now . . . Shades Of Jade's Josh Williams AKA xJ-Will Describes A New Kansas City Sound - DEMENCHA


Anonymous said...

I'll take a fart band any day.

Anonymous said...

Listened to the 3 Soundcloud samples provided.

First 2 were good. 3rd one featured rap-style lyrics which I don't care for, although the sections where Lindsey Alderman was actually singing were also good.

Anonymous said...

Another local black dude shouting about motherfuckers and bitches while wearing outlandish clothes and vulgar jewelry.

If Kansas City gets any more vibrant and creative, I'm gonna shit.