Friday, June 17, 2016

Riverside Cat House Review

Comprehensive profile of this local allergy emporium: Missouri Thrift Store Is Paradise for Junk Hunters and Cat Lovers | Catster


Anonymous said...

Oh Please! The truth about this place is very clear. This used to be called Nation Als.When the place wasn't generating the revenue the owner decided to turn the store into a non profit and collect a salary. In doing so he suddenly makes more money, gets a shitload of tax breaks and his alleged mission is to help cats.

Besides being a total crock of bullshit people need to realize that people all over the country are opening non profit businesses for a shitload of reasons that have little to nothing to do with charity. Even big corporations, especially health care and hospital companies, are huge on setting up, so called, non profit programs and then using the tax exemptions to create things like these visiting nurses programs. The corporation gets their and they play like they are bleeding heart charities when it is really just about making more money. To add insult to injury these non profits also get grants front agencies and the Federal government for everything from hiring more people to remodeling buildings. Want to know why these fake preachers around town are opening these shack churches? You got it they are set up as non profits. No Taxes, plenty of money.

If the writer of this story haved pulled his head out of his ass a few inches and actually done some research he would realize that this non profit bullshit is quit often just a fucking racket where the 501C status is used to eliminate taxes and put that a money in someone's pocket.

If you want to write a factual story just review some of the non profits and their purpose. It is enough to make a tax payer puke.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm....sounds like a pissed off Abortion Rights Planned Parenthood Hillary Femanazi cunt. Have a nice big glass of bleach daring, you'll make us ALL feel better!