Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sara Malakul Lane And Kansas City Thursday

Sara Malakul Lane and her morning lingerie hotness starts the day . . .

- Cowtown International Trade: KC exports rank among top 50 U.S. metro areas

- Sunflower State Old School Survival Story: Pat Roberts Faces Tough U.S. Senate Race After Field Narrows

- Kansas City Hard Landing: Liquid concrete falls on man, crews free him

- Nod From A Group We've Never heard Of: Traditional Republicans for Common Sense endorse Orman in U.S. Senate race

- More Gunfire Across The State Line: Couple, described as elderly, shot in their KCK home

- KCK Rip-Off Report - SCAM ALERT: WyCo Sheriff's Office warns of jury duty scam

- Kansas City Run-Down: Pedestrian struck at 38th and Warwick

- Swedish Meatball First Look: Sneak peek of Kansas City's Ikea increases excitement

- Promo Inside The Loop: Downtown KC is asked to leave the lights on for Friday celebration

- Kansas City Football Overstock: What are Chiefs going to do with 5 RBs?

- Local Win Streak: Royals sweep Texas out of KC with 4-1 victory

- Shane Evans Artsy Interlude: Going To Kansas City: A Place You Have To Find Yourself In

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Anonymous said...

Two elderly people shot in their home from a "rolling disturbance?" You think it was some gentle giants in Caprice Classics shooting at each other?

Anonymous said...

Amazing story about the artists from New York. First time in months I've read about a KC artist who actually is a productive, working artist ... as opposed to the hipsters, posers, dabblers, groupies and wannabes who seem to constitute most of the purported Kansas City arts district, arts community, arts scene, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

You Can't Fix Stupid of The Week Award

Two female kayakers, who are in their mid-20s managed to escape unscathed after a great white shark took a bite out of one of their boats Wednesday evening off the coast of Plymouth, officials said.

They wanted to "see the seals"


Anonymous said...

Fighter War Machine charged with attempted murder, other felonies in attack on porn star...

(You never would have expected this sort of behavior out of a guy with a grenade tattooed on his neck named WAR MACHINE)

Anonymous said...

this babe is hot!