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TKC NOTE: Tonight we take a look at an educated and well-versed perspective from one of our friends with a great deal of writing talent . . .

To wit . . .


Additionally, this is just a fun read from the nicer part of the metro and their contentious suburban politics . . . Check it:

Hamlet's Predictions for Aug. 5: To be, or not to be....reelected. That is the question!

JoCo Chairman upset: Lightner 37%, Ed Peterson 35% Ed Eilert 28% See for facts the Star has never reported.

Ks Senate: Roberts saved by reckless Facebook Xray posts of his opponent: Roberts 52%, Milton Wolf 48%

JoCo Dist. 1: Shaffer 46% McConwell 43%, two nameless others 5% each, and Sciolaro 3%

As I sit here, gazing at the skull of Steve Rose, after reading his biased predictions, thank you, Tony, for allowing an ungilded perspective from a Lion in Winter.

Let us remember, Steve Rose is not even a trained journalist, nor does he respect their ethical rules of conduct. He is devious. In fact, he darest not reveal the truth. When he was still the editorial writer for his late daddy's Sun Newspapers, he used his bully pulpit to endorse someone for county chairman, WITHOUT DISCLOSING THAT HE WAS HER CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISER! So his endorsement was really protecting his investment of time, and the $40 grand he raised from his advertisers and supporters.

So don't believe his spin, his prediction of a 51% vote for Ed Eilert for reelection as Johnson County chairman, Methinks he doth boast too much. And let's not forget, Steve Rose endorsed BiState II, that bovine monstrosity of a regional subsidy of KCMO's billionnaires--and that the chairman for that failed campaign was Rose's close ally and front man for 16 years as mayor of Overland Park--Ed Eilert!

Despite Rose's spin, Eilert is going down.

He is a lazy campaigner, which is why he wasn't elected to Congress. Patricia Lightner and Ed Peterson have both out-campaigned him in this primary. Eilert told his buddy, George Wilson at the JoCo Enterprise Center and I quote, "not to worry, I have this primary in the bag. Let's just work the general." Well, he may never see that bright dawn.

Eilert's final blow was King Louie. He rushed Johnson County into blowing $5 million to buy an about-to-be-condemned contaminated building (those reports have suddenly been disappeared) as a favor to the Mitchell's, who he called on the BOCC public tape, "friends of the commission". A staffer then explained the 5 week rush was to help them out "for tax purposes." Methinks Eilert is really just bailing out his hometown, Overland Park. Removing city blight at County expense.

See the commission's tapes, and more evidence, at

And on July 3, Eilert raised property taxes, needlessly. And despite state legislators calling him out on it, persists in telling an untruth in stubbornly defending it. For that, the voters will bid adieu to the man who can't ever admit he made a mistake. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I suspect Rose's predictions are motivated by his backroom machinations to once again influence election outcomes, without revealing to the KC Star that he IS working on certain campaigns. It's disgusting. Shame on Rose and shame on the Star.

Case in point: Predicting that Rachel Sciolaro will beat Laura McConwell in snagging the 2nd place finish, along with Ron Shaffer for JoCo's County Commission District 1, (Ed Peterson's old seat.) Ha! Preposterous! Little Rachel answered the questionnaire about the arts saying she was a fan of the Martial Arts. Oops. The game was over, right there with that goofball quote. Exit stage left.

Shaffer v. McConwell is the real contest. I predict 46% to 43%. But notice how chessmaster Rose tosses in newcomer Rachel Sciolaro, the NRA poster child, as his pawn. My guess? Rose is secretly raising money for Shaffer. And has had a long beef with McConwell. Like Eilert, Steve-erino doesn't like women telling him what is what.

Next up:

Is Rose delusional or once again spinning in predicting 58% for Pat Roberts v. Obama's cocky cousin, Milton Wolf? Yes to both. It will be far closer. In politics, 54% is considered a landslide nowadays. So, yes, Roberts will win. But not by that much. 52 to 48. Roberts is exactly like Claire McCaskill who would have lost HER Senate seat in Missouri two years ago were it not for the insane and insensitive "rape as effective contraception" comments of Clay Todd Aiken. If the Tea Party would ever vet their candidates better, they might win. But not with the likes of Aiken and now Milton Wolf.

As for Missouri--

Rose is half right. The toy train trolley will go down. Good opposition campaign. But the highway tax will squeak by. Big bucks there, pathetic opposition campaign. Here's an idea: if every voter had to park three blocks away from the polling place, they'd realize that mass transit is from days of yore. The car is the thing. Long live the Prius!


(is that my real name? Alas, tis not. But unlike Star columnist Steve Rose, I don't pretend to be a journalist. And unlike Rose, I am not shilling (pun intended) for any candidate without revealing it to the paper.)


Anonymous said...

Whens S'lie going to do his cute little dance to the song . .

I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden.

Anonymous said...

Lord Polonius: What do you write, my lord?

Hamlet: Turds, turds, turds.

Anonymous said...

Eilert needs to lose 40 years is too long to stay in local government

Anonymous said...

also quite relevant: A knavish speech sleeps in a fool's ear.

chuck said...

Something is rotten in the state of Missouri. The Street Car, to be? or not to be?

Steve Rose is lying in winter, spring, summer and fall about his cash.


Stop Being Stupid The Answer Is said...

Steve Rose is as much a con man as Glazer is he has just managed to stay out of jail doing so. They are both Jews who want to make sure you know it but don't practice it either and both total assholes who have never gave credit to the fact they both be shoe shiners in a barber shop if not for the family paving the road of life for them. They both in giving thanks fucked the family and fucked up the family business.

Anonymous said...

Moving On


Anonymous said...

An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told.

So this is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Post is another solid sample of the possibility bloggers should work Monday-Friday and close for the weekend.

Orphan of the Road said...

It isn't any prettier when you read it.

Rachel Sciolaro (District 1 Commissioner candidate)
Johnson County should promote and cultivate a strong cultural identity. The Board of Johnson County Commissioners should continue to support the 1 percent of the Public Arts program. However, the role of the county should also encourage the community to support local businesses like Ko’s Black Belt Academy. I earned my black belt in Taekwondo from Master Ko. I also have played the piano and flute for many years. In addition, it is important for families to support local businesses through taking music, dance and even martial art lessons etc. If we encourage the community to support local businesses, then our community will gain the diversity of art.

Anonymous said...

Tony doesn't have a skeleton crew he can put on duty like the TV stations on weekends.

Anonymous said...

Saw “creative-types” Lockett, Baylor and Emerson sewing summer scarfs in River Market while sipping on some estrogen-infused kale smoothies. Maybe they should go back to whatever Cul-De-Sac they came from. Would be a huge visual improvement for Downtown.

Anonymous said...

This is Sawyer, the bearded, cat whisker-limbed, out-of-place, temporary New Yorker from the midwest suburban hipster breeding grounds throwing a fit over not being able to board a bus in between it’s scheduled stops. So he stands in front of the bus and blocks it and holds everyone up.

Anonymous said...

Laura McConwell has big tits. I like big tits.

Anonymous said...


Moving On


Anonymous said...

It would be easier to take your analysis more seriously if you would have spelled Akin's name correctly. Not that you were wrong in general, but that sort of slip-shod knowledge of a subject could lead one to question your methodology.

Anonymous said...

Eilert's been a good chair and it will be a tough choice between him and Peterson, who has been a good commissioner. Patricia has run for just about everything without success since serving in the Kansas House. All she brings is the old tired saw heard from every aspiring politician since the founding of the Republic, "they're doing it wrong and I'll do it better." I'm calling bullshit on that. By and large the county commission has done an admirable job considering the idiot legislators in Topeka continue to make it tougher for the county. To illustrate the stupid arrogance Johnson Co. senators and reps have, they went to the commission and lectured them on the county budget. Really? Have everything in Topeka all working correctly you can now branch out? Eilert-Peterson would be a great race. Hamlet's has his own agenda and is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

a good chair are you kidding me he bailed out his buddies by buying King Louie wasting taxpayers money on a building that was about to be condemned we have spent millions rehabbing they want to remove the office of Sheriff from an elected position to an appointed position in case you have forgotten the sheriff is the only law enforcement officers mentioned in the United States Constitutionas well as the highest law enforcement agency in the county higher than the FBI add to that the fact that our state legislature cut our taxes by removing the mortgage registration tax and what does ed
do raises personal property taxes so the taxpayer does not actually get a break this is what you consider a good chair