Monday, August 04, 2014


A recent pro-Israel march on the left coast got me thinking about Kansas City's place in the world and a local fact of political life that all the other cowtown pundits are too timid to write.

To wit . . .


Yeah, there might be a few Pro-Palestinian marches on the Plaza but when we're talking about decision makers in this town and people who hold influence . . . Every last politico or power broker in Kansas City lines up with Israel. This bit of TKC polling is probably more important than tomorrow's election in the grand scheme of things. 

Additionally, count TKC among those supporters as well but I'm a horrible person and the endorsement of this blog is based mostly on love for the hottie lady soldiers and encouragement for others who are also showing some skin for the Holy Land: Israeli Women Stand With IDF By Showing Off Their Breasts and Asses

Anyhoo . . .

Yes, yes, there are a lot of Jewish power brokers in Kansas City but this is also the Bible belt and local Christians aren't looking for any common ground with the Muslims in Gaza who make a convincing case about civilian casualties while glossing over the despicable human shield tactics of Hamas. Moreover, KC is also a military-industrial hub that's supplying a great deal of the equipment keeping rocket firing terrorists at bay on the other side of the planet.

What makes TKC uncomfortable is the quiet obliviousness to the debate that's raging in so many other U.S. metropolitan areas. Maybe it's fear of having a conversation or just quiet confidence that totally strikes TKC as unfamiliar . . . Whatever the case . . . Fact is: When it comes to mainstream opinion in Kansas City . . . This is a town TOTALLY in support of Israel in the current Gaza conflict that's causing controversy in other cities that don't have this town's resolve.

Developing . . .


Portnoy said...

Soldier hotties. Yes, Sir!

chuck said...

If Cuba started lobbing missles into Forida what would we do?

Islamic fundementalists, on a cellular level, from cradle to grave are taught and steeped in hatred for the West and all things Occidental. The fact of the matter is, the only, the ONLY thing that 300 to 600 million of the world’s Muslims understand, is bloody fuckin constraint. The idea that nations under threat within and without from the “Religion of Peace” can engage in useful dialogue that will lead to peace has been proven wrong for 1300 years. In 732 AD, if Charles Martel, on foot, facing superior numbers does not slaughter 90,000 Moors at Tours, the world is a different place. Very different. I read yesterday that the Turks are comparing the Israelis to Hitler. The Armenians, all 2 million of them starved and slaughtered in WWI might think that somewhat ironic. Those zany Turks.

One more time, like Martel, ya gotta kill the goats, the camels, the families, burn the Mosques, see the movie, eat the ice cream, wear the T Shirt get in the mud and see the truth, or Israel will be no more. This conflict, this 1300 year conflict is not EVER going away. War is a terrible waste and I am sickened by our conflicts in Nam and Iraq. That said, the Iranians, a terrorist nation of 80 million governed by a theocracy are GOING to get a nuke. One more time, they are going to get a NUKE! They will use it. Bin Laden and his ilk through the years, have made no bones or pretense and insist that they love death and want to be martyrs.

There will be war. Israel is not just important because of our alliance, she is the canary in teh coal mine. You know what that sound is? Thunder.

Martel with his army, at the end of the battle, made sure there were no usrvivors. said...

Here is a list of Islamic terrorist attacks over the last few decades. It is extensive and if you don't get the fuckin message, you are a fuckin idiot.

It is a stone age culture where women are stoned and have there clits cut off that follows a pederast prophet who fucked little boys and preached genocide for christians.

Tuluride said...

Middle ages? That's your argument? That is going on right here in the heart of the nation. Our extreme Christian religious sect is dragging females to way back time. Organized Religion is killing this world.

cml said...

His argument is death

Anonymous said...

Jewish women are hot. 734, go abort yourself.

Anonymous said...

Israel is no better than Hamas. Both are killing innocent people. Israel much more so. They just yesterday sprayed 155mm artillery shells on to homes and a shelter center. Oh, they did give notice before the shelling. 14 seconds to run out of a multi story.

Hard to claim the high ground with facts like that. Isreal is manufacturing Hamas members faster than they can kill them when Israel keeps killing families and innocent people.

Allah Who Eatshit said...

Fuck the Muzzies in Gaza and HERE.

Maybe we can get Israel to purge them from the U.S. as well.

Anonymous said...

The reason Americans support Israel is easy: they are the only beacon of freedom in the Middle East.

To support Hamas is no different than supporting Al-Queda, ISIS or any other fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group that wants to eradicate the West, its culture, its values and its technology. The only thing that prevents that from occurring is that Western countries have vastly superior militaries and can beat them into conducting guerilla warfare. Unfortunately they drag the Palestinian people down with them in their attempt to implement a theocracy.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have shown what they will do when they find a way to fool a population into electing them -- they will take over and attempt to implement a theocracy and subjugate the people who elected them on the promise of better services and peace.

Anonymous said...

Nuke Mecca

Anonymous said...

8:02 - to claim some kind of moral equivalence just because Israel is better at defending its people is small minded. Hamas wants the elimination of Israel and it's people. They will settle for nothing less.

cml said...

Look at 7:01 list.

Fuck the towel head scum

Anonymous said...

I wish we had breasts and asses like that here. We could not only fix the Chiefs cheerleaders, but could improve male morale across the county.

Anonymous said...

The biggest difference between the Israelis and us is that they are only a few miles away from having large numbers of headless corpses (their own) crucified on their street corners.

That gives them a certain amount of existential comprehension that the average stupid American or European does not have.

Yes, when they fight their neighborhood terrorists, women and children get killed too. That's sad, but are no nice wars, folks. You might look up who it was that firebombed Dresden and Tokyo, and vaporized the civilian residents of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And why they did it. That, at least, accomplished something good in the long run. Unlike the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians perpetrated by the mass murderers George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick the Prick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

For a year I enjoyed a casual relationship with a fellow student in college who was from Israel. She was very smart, very sexy, and hot as the Negev Desert in bed.

Ahhh...mammaries, er...memories.

Anonymous said...

Allies has seldom been about choosing from friends, but rather choosing the lesser of evils. Looking at the Middle East the choices are very simple.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tony's assessment and the more thoughtful comments in here. it's going to be a long time before THIS is over.

Meanwhile the muslims are in Europe heavily and trying in the US as well.

We're going to have to get over the PC position we take about other cultures and phony religions.

Tolerating other cultures among us is about as natural for men as monogamy and sobriety.

This was a good read.

R L Secks said...

I enjoyed the summer of 69 with a young Israeli woman.

That was in 1994.

Anonymous said...

7:34am. You pissed off because you have to pay for your own birth control? We need to pay for your birth control, but stay out of your bedroom. Libera women are fucking nuts.

Lenny the Mohel said...

We should circumcise Gaza and remove the Penistilians!

IDF Babes! said...

I'd put on a yarmulke for this!

Anonymous said...

8:02 -- 14 seconds to find cover is as much warning as MILLIONS of Israelis get when incoming rockets trigger the warning sirens. The luckier Israelis, who live farther from Gaza or the Lebanon border, get up to one minute to run for their lives.

Can you imagine what it's like to live with many thousands (an estimated 100,000 on the Lebanon border alone at present) of warheads pointed at you?

I've been there and done that. I can tell you that it is terrifying, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when the explosives are not falling on you.

Before Israel sealed the Gaza border, dozens of Hamas suicide bombers killed many Israelis. Have you ever buried a loved one in plastic sandwich bags?

The Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast said...

There are strange things done in the blazing sun
By fools who toil for causes.
The desert sands have their Arab bands
Who have seen many less wins than losses.

The Mid-East blights have seen queer sights;
But the queerest of all, the most gory
Was that day on the tip of the Gaza Strip
I bulldozed flat Rachel Corrie.

Rachel Corrie came from Isle of Maury,
Where the liberal breeds and grows.
Why she left her gang out west to hang
With the rags, God only knows.

She was never told that the lands of old
Had a Hebrew tale to tell;
And she’d often say in her churlish way,
“Those Jews should burn in Hell!”

On March 16, our ragtime queen
Made herself a human shield.
It was 5 PM and the light was dim
When in her horn she squealed.

“Now stop right there while I prepare
For a sit-in, brave and burly.”
But she was not seen and our ragtime queen
Became a sandy and gritty girlie.

There are strange things done in the blazing sun
By fools who toil for causes.
The desert sands have their Arab bands
Who have seen many less wins than losses.

The Mid-East blights have seen queer sights;
But the queerest of all, the most gory
Was that day on the tip of the Gaza Strip
I bulldozed flat Rachel Corrie.

Anonymous said...

America needs to build a memorial to the Palestinian Holocaust.

A "Museum of Tolerance" perhaps.. where American children can learn of the horrific consequences of hatred -- such as seen in israels massacre of the children in Gaza.

Never again.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Corrie was a Whorrie
and now she's flat as earth.

She took a spot protecting the terrorist plot
and now she's dead as dirt.

Anonymous said...

11:49 am is a delusional libtard.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we right wingers love blood and violence. Libtards try to make us think about the horrors we create, but we Romulans really don't want to hear that noise.

Anonymous said...

Drag the terrorist palis out of Israel and put them deep into the Mediterranean.

Anonymous said...

Israel should expand its land mass to something close to that of the USA, cleansing the region of all muzzies.

Anonymous said...

Sweet 14 year old Palestinian An Franq hides in an attic, terrified of the rampaging israeli stormtroopers outside..

she enters into her diary -

"Today, the israeli soldiers blew up my school, killing 25 of my classmates --

why do they hate us so much they keep murdering Palestinian children?"

Anonymous said...

this horrific slaughter of innocent civilians by the invading israelies must be halted by UN armed intervention.

War Crimes tribunals must follow, with punishment for the murderers, and massive reparations for the Palestinian Holocaust victims from israel.

Never again.

Anonymous said...

62% of British public says Israel committing war crimes, as polls show sympathy for Palestinians

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Palis - kill them all.

Accuracy Review/Correction said...

Terrorist 14 year old Palestinian An Franq hides rockets in an attic, terrorizing Israeli citizens miles away.

she enters into her diary -

"Today, the Israeli will get my rockets - killing 25 of their children --

why do they hate us so much, we the murdering Palestinian terrorists?"

Accuracy Review/Correction said...

this horrific slaughter of innocent civilians by the terrorist Palestinians must be halted by UN armed intervention.

War Crimes tribunals must follow, with punishment for the murderers, and massive reparations for the Israeli victims of terrorism from Hamas.

Never again.

Anonymous said...

Ironic, now that the jews are talking "final solution."

Anonymous said...

1:36 PM = So fucking what?
There are many reasons we kicked the Brits back across the Atlantic centuries ago.

Rachel Corrie, Still A Dead Libtard Traitor said...

Allahu Akb....OUCH!

Anonymous said...

innocent civilians? A lesson from Afghanstan ...there are no fucking innocent civilians and they aren't bystanders either. Just more of what we don't get about camel jockeys and their culture.

Anonymous said...

So you don't mind a little civilian murder, so long as they're right religion or living in the right country? Your argument is that it's okay to kill children because a terrorist group fired rockets into Israel? Did you ever think how foolish that sounds?

Anonymous said...

Sad how israeli spinmeisters claim this one-sided massacre is some kind of "war" with the Palis -

and not just a horrific slaughter of helpless civilians..

yep..those brave israelis were able to take down the Palis mighty Air Force fleets of jets, sink several Pali aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.. ,halt the massive Pali armored brigades..


Anonymous said...

Israeli environmentalists laud the IDF "recycling" the corpses of murdered Pali women and children into "the nutrient-rich , eco- friendly fertilizer' -

"Pali Mulch"

Anonymous said...

2:49 #2 - Stop being such a fool.
Look at what treasure and life the U.S. has expended over a couple of hijacked airliners in 2001 - from those who have no Air Force, Navy, Nation, etc.

Shlomo McNaughton, The Irish Mohel said...

2:52 PM - Is "Pali Mulch" available at Lowes®?

It sounds exotically organic.
I would use it to make a Rachel Corrie (Saint Pancake) memorial garden and plow it regularly with an Israeli bulldozer.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Gaza Strip ! Blow it to hell!

Part 1 said...

To the poster at 1:36 PM:

Have a little lesson in British bias.

Dead Jews aren’t news

By Tom Gross at The Spectator:

Rachel Thaler, aged 16, was blown up at a pizzeria in an Israeli shopping mall. She died after an 11-day struggle for life following a suicide bomb attack on a crowd of teenagers on 16 February 2002.
Even though Thaler was a British citizen, born in London, where her grandparents still live, her death has never been mentioned in a British newspaper.
Rachel Corrie, on the other hand, an American radical who died in 2003 while acting as a human shield during an Israeli anti-terror operation in Gaza, has been widely featured in the British press. According to the Guardian website, she has been written about or referred to on 57 separate occasions in the Guardian alone, including three articles the Saturday before last.
The cult of Rachel Corrie doesn’t stop there. Last week the play, My Name is Rachel Corrie, reopened at the larger downstairs auditorium at the Royal Court Theatre (a venue which the New York Times recently described as ‘the most important theatre in Europe’). It previously played to sold-out audiences at the upstairs theatre when it opened in April. (It is very rare to revive a play so quickly.)
On 1 November the ‘Cantata concert for Rachel Corrie’ — co-sponsored by the Arts Council — has its world premiere at the Hackney Empire.
But Rachel Thaler, unlike Rachel Corrie, was Jewish. And unlike Corrie, Jewish victims of Middle East violence have not become a cause célèbre in Britain. This lack of response is all the more disturbing at a time when an increasing number of British Jews feel that there has been a sharp rise in anti-Semitism.
Thaler is by no means the only Jewish Rachel whose violent death has been entirely ignored by the British media. Other victims of the Intifada include Rachel Levy (aged 17, blown up in a grocery store), Rachel Levi (19, shot while waiting for the bus), Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband, son and father while at home celebrating a Passover meal), Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a Tel Aviv cafe, leaving three young children), Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged 5, 13 and 16 while at home) and Rachel Kol, 53, who worked at a Jerusalem hospital and was killed with her husband in a Palestinian terrorist attack in July a few days after the London bombs.
Corrie’s death was undoubtedly tragic but, unlike the death of these other Rachels, it was almost certainly an accident. She was killed when she was hit by an Israeli army bulldozer she was trying to stop from demolishing a structure suspected of concealing tunnels used for smuggling weapons.
Unfortunately for those who have sought to portray Corrie as a peaceful protester, photos of her burning a mock American flag and stirring up crowds in Gaza at a pro-Hamas rally were published by the Associated Press and on Yahoo News on 15 February 2003, a month before she died. (Those photos were not used in the British press.)

Part 2 said...

While Thaler’s parents, after donating their murdered daughter’s organs for transplant surgery, grieved quietly, Corrie’s parents embarked on a major publicity campaign with strong political overtones. They travelled to Ramallah to accept a plaque from Yasser Arafat on behalf of their daughter. They circulated her emails and diary entries to a world media eager to publicise them. They have written op-ed pieces, including a recent one in the Guardian.
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the group with which Corrie was affiliated, is routinely described as a ‘peace group’ in the media. Few make any mention of the ISM’s meeting with the British suicide bombers Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Muhammad Hanif who, a few days later, blew up Mike’s Place, a Tel Aviv pub, killing three and injuring dozens, including British citizens. Or of the ISM’s sheltering in its office of Shadi Sukiya, a leading member of Islamic Jihad. Or of the fact that in its mission statement the ISM said ‘armed struggle’ is a Palestinian ‘right’.
According to the ‘media co-ordinator’ of the ISM, Flo Rosovski, ‘“Israel” is an illegal entity that should not exist’ — which at any rate clarifies the ISM’s idea of peace.
Indeed, partly because of the efforts of Corrie’s fellow activists in the ISM, the Israeli army was unable to stop the flow of weapons through the tunnels near where she was demonstrating. Those weapons were later used to kill Israeli children in the town of Sderot in southern Israel, and elsewhere.
However, in many hundreds of articles on Corrie published in the last two years, most papers have been careful to omit such details. So have actor Alan Rickman and Guardian journalist Katharine Viner, co-creators of My Name is Rachel Corrie, leaving almost all the critics who reviewed the play completely ignorant about the background to the events with which it deals.
So in April, when reviewers first wrote about the play, they tended to take it completely at face value. ‘Corrie was murdered after joining a non-violent Palestinian resistance organisation,’ wrote Emma Gosnell in the Sunday Telegraph. The Evening Standard, for example, described it as a ‘true-life tragedy’ in which Corrie’s ‘unselfish goodness shines through’.
Only one critic (Clive Davis in the Times) saw the play for the propaganda it is. At one point Corrie declares, ‘The vast majority of Palestinians right now, as far as I can tell, are engaging in Gandhian non-violent resistance.’ As Davis notes, ‘Even the late Yasser Arafat might have blushed at that one.’
But ultimately the play, and many of the articles about Corrie that have appeared, are not really about the young American activist who died in such tragic circumstances. They are about promoting a hate-filled and glaringly one-sided view of Israel.

Anonymous said...

One thing absent from the comments of the Hamas sympathizers is any acknowledgement of the factual causes of the Israeli actions. In what world does one have to live to think that responding to missile attacks targeting civilians constitutes criminal action? These are the same type of idiots that think defending oneself with lethal force against a criminal aggressor is immoral and should be punished harshly. Israel should flatten Gaza and drive the whole population out. The civilian population freely elected a political party dedicated to the elimination of Israel and hence is complicit. There is no way negotiation will resolve this problem because one side is dedicated to the destruction of the other.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO 4:52 pm!

Israel is under constant attack by Muslim Terrorists said...

Libtards love to spin the narrative and ignore the FACTS about Hamas.

Anonymous said...

hopefully TKC will stop the "cut n' pasters" from clogging up the comments section

mebbe a line or 2 , and a link

but spamming lengthy articles - that no one reads--

like 4:00pm -- ought to be deleted

Anonymous said...

Palestine needs to get Hamas out of their government. Until then, they're used as human shields and get the requisite response.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 5:35, delete what you don't agree with - FACTS.

Perhaps if you could read more than a headline it wouldn't bother you so.

Anonymous said...

8:28 comment, don't look now but your IGNORANCE is showing!!

"To support Hamas is no different than supporting Al-Queda, ISIS or any other fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group that wants to eradicate the West, its culture, its values and its technology."

And who do you think helped to create Hamas? ISRAEL!!!

And who do you think created Al-Qaeda? America's CIA!!!!

Who created and is funding ISIS? U.S., Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

You really have to start reading more history, and quit watching American television news.

Anonymous said...

About those innocent civilians .... the children certainly were innocent.

As for the adults, 80 percent of them voted for Hamas.

The people of Gaza have spoken. Murderously.

Most of those killed in Gaza were 15- to 30-year-old males. Sounds to me like the Israelis are mostly killing the right people.

One of the reason all those Palestinians are in Gaza and on the West Bank is that no neighboring Arab country wants them. Jordan sees its own Palestinian population (about half of the country's inhabitants) as a huge security threat.

Shoot explosives day and night at a more powerful neighboring country and you're gonna get your ass kicked. How hard is that to understand?

Karma is a bitch. Burn in hell, terrorists.

And all you righteous but ignorant supporters of Hamas and haters of Israel ... know what kind of thugs you're supporting? Hamas has made it a crime for girls or women to ride bicycles in Gaza. Girls riding bicycles is immorality, the mullahs said.

Anonymous said...

So far, Hamas is executing uncooperative Gazans with bullets. But pretty soon they probably will start behaving like their buddies over in Syria and Iraq, ISIS, aka the Islamic State.

The ISIS boys line people up on their knees, hands tied behind them, and then chop off their heads.

Then they crucify the headless corpses.

Yeah, crucifixion. How about that. I guess that makes them nicer than the Romans, who liked to crucify people whilel they were still alive. Guess ISIS doesn't want its victims starting any new religions.

One small difference ... ISIS likes to put out videos of its mass executions. You can go to YouTube and watch heads roll. Hamas does not. The well-orchestrated Hamas public relations effort ensures that all you'll ever see is pictures of dead and dying Gaza infants and children, all victims of the perfidious Israelis, of course.

It's not surprising that there are Americans and Europeans who support Hamas. There were Americans and Europeans who supported Hitler as well.

Anonymous said...

11:49 & 12:11 +1