Saturday, August 30, 2014


Kansas City has a lot to think about tonight . . .

It seems the U.S. crusade in the Middle-East is pretty much never-ending:

5 US Airstrikes Target Islamic State Fighters

The world has seemingly condemned Missouri militaristic reax to civil unrest:

UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For 'Stand Your Ground' Review

However, in our little corner of the Internets . . . There's also a bit of news that's appropriate for a Saturday night in Kansas City:


This morning we received a message from the only Funkhouser who will talk to this blog and here's a snippet of how it read:

He's Back . . .?


The events in Ferguson brought me back to your blog as I knew that there would be a lot of coverage . . .

I was angry with your characterization of my comments about the Nazi Killer. I was not defending him, but rather was trying to explain how he came about. I wish that you would have just published my comment without the characterization.

You may not feel its necessary, but I'm from West Virginia, so I will ask again for your blessing to comment on your blog. The fact that I am not from Kansas City seems to be a way for some to attempt to censure me, when its really that I'm just not a racist or a Rethuglican. Its your blog, & free speech is free speech . . .

Your friend (?),

Byron Funkhouser

Of course, nobody needs TKC permission to comment and that's kinda the point.


Moreover . . .


SPAM is our only real concern that threatens KC Free Speech . . . We delete and destroy spam as effectively as possible.

One of you d-bags said that TKC would nix the free speech just because of some recent notoriety. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. MY FRIEND. This blog is about THE KANSAS CITY DISCOURSE AND FREE SPEECH . . .

Here's something I just read which kinda backs up our logic on the topic:

Online Anonymity Will Soon Be The Only Kind We Have


"The UK’s House of Lords has essentially recommended the extinction of online anonymity."

Money quote:

"As Noam Chomsky once said, “If we don’t believe in free expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” Anonymity isn’t extraneous to free speech; it’s a crucial component. That doesn’t mean every app or forum has to support anonymity. But there have to be ones that do. Banning all anonymity apps, and requiring all online users to register their identities, are the two worst ideas I have heard in some time."

Agreed . . . And given that we cover local politics here on TKC . . . We've heard A LOT OF BAD IDEAS . . .

So, consider this a RENEWED WELCOME TO ALL who participate in our bloggy community 1ST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH adventure . . .

Everyone is welcome,  users should take responsibility for their own level of involvement and emotions. We only advise that everybody try to have fun because life is short. Accordingly, these songs define Summer 2014 in our corner of the world and provide our playlist tonight as the season comes to an end.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Who is that chick? Hot!

Anonymous said...

Iggy Azalea

chuck said...

"So, consider this a RENEWED WELCOME TO ALL who participate in our bloggy community 1ST AMENDMENT FREE SPEECH adventure . . . "

God bless you Tony.

TKC's tenuous postition in this town, as a herald of the undistilled truth, as seen, by the extempraneous TKC delivery, in conjuction with a time line, that can be only accesed on this, THIS blog is the definition of what the founding fathers had in mind.

If you want the truth in this town, then you will address this website, then weep for your children, every day.

Anonymous said...

Welcome KCPT viewers. Enjoy your visit, however short it may be.

Anonymous said...

Makes me laugh to hear someone who does not know what he is talking about, profess the 1st Amendment.

Kind of like 5 year old boys who what to be a fireman or a doctor when they grow up.

Good for a chuckle, but you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony for being open to openness. Ya there is a lot of crap but I have also seen inside info and discourse and debate that is very intelligent. Sometimes it is discouraging to come here because the tone can be pessimistic to a fault but it is also real stuff. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You are quoting a anarchist as he sees constitutional rights?

Or is this the Chomsky that is the punter for the Eagles?

Polar Bear said...

Funkhouser, you sheep shagging mercy from the Bear !

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Byron!

Anonymous said...

Tell us, oh erudite one at 9:28 just how this blog violates the 1st amendment in your educated constitutional interpretation.

You won't.
Because you can't.
Far easier to drop a haughty snarky comment and flee, stroking yourself all the while believing you've won some imaginary battle.

Polar Bear said...

Fuck that.....the Polar Bear retracts his welcome to Byron.

His stupidity knows no get ready.

Ironic school buses are running again and Bryon re-surfaces.

Anonymous said...


Iggy Azalea = white girl funky wannabe......pass

Pharrell = non-threatening black man wearing funny hats with the genius to target pop masses with "Happiness"!! Commercial success...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Meghan Trainor = white girl version of Pharrell.

DJ Snake and Lil Jon = points for originality, but this is just nuts.

Ed Sheeran = Saturday night fun! Babes in a Hummer, how can you go wrong!

Ariana Grande = Jessica Alba-esque looks, oh let's stop there, WINNER!!!!!

Sam Smith = Boy George progeny? This is one to close out the evening with as you try to pick-up the last woman in the bar..."won't you stay with me?"

Anonymous said...

Does not violate the 1st Amendment dumbshit. \

However, an open forum is not representative of free speech any more then graffiti.

And that stroking yourself is way to personal. You get that from?

Stay out of your sister's underwear drawer damnit.

Anonymous said...

Well fuck it if that asshole is back I am gone and so will others.

Anonymous said...

He is only back because he knew we was really talking about niggers but he is such an idiot if he thinks we are going to believe he hasn't been in here posting his shit.

Well get ready for the blogs to get really fucked up again.

Miss Sweetie Pie enjoying the weather said...

Mr. Tony,
Well my, my! You opened that can of worms known as Noam Chomsky on this blog site? Are you starkers?
Chomsky once said a whole lot of crap, reversed his opinion, bless his heart, then went off on so many different tangents. Better you should quote Dr. Suess.
All this to welcome back Byron?
Welcome back Byron Funkhouser. C'mon in, take your shoes off and set a while. Be thankful you haven't stumbled onto
Now that's some real crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

Starkers! LOLZ

Anonymous said...

I knew when Tony posted that story with Mark that sheep shagging dirty underwear sniffing fucker would have a stiff dick for hours wanting to post in here. Really sad when you have no life or friends in the area you live in and have to go and bother good common folks in their homes.

Anonymous said...

This is the First Amendment.

I don't really remember anyone suggesting that a law be passed to prohibit your open forum.

Question has always been of respectful discourse.

At least we wont have to read your annual survey regarding the policy of anonymous comments.

The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.

Anonymous said...

Your issue is with media outlets who are trying to avoid hate speech.

You would have to be pretty arrogant to think that "they" are coming to get you.

Plus, "they" are already busy running down all the guns in this Country.

Byron Funkhouser, I'M BACK!!!! said...

Any niggers want to play in my ass?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Thanks 9:39, & Miss Sweetie Pie - You're my favorite commenter!

You dirt bags enjoy the fact that you can call me names, but its not very impressive. Calling me a stupid sheep shagger makes you look stupid.

Like most everyone else I try to ignore the children (Polar Bear included) & contemplate the occasional pithy comment (sometimes that's Chuck, but not as often as his fellow racists would have us believe. Sometimes, he just sounds like an angry dwarf nut job.)

The other day I went to McDonalds for breakfast & the amazon behind the counter said, "OMG, a white man who's taller than me. Give me five!" Made my day, because, naturally, I like amazons.

Anonymous said...

and hand jobs from byron

Anonymous said...

He's a fucking freak

Flint Lock said...

Oh fuck. The my sheep are in danger. Slim Man with the pea brain and the deep affection of little boys is back.

Byron Fuckhouser, feared by sheep and little boys, wanted by the cops in the hills.

Pea brain, ol Flint had hoped your sheep fucking ass would stay in jail for a few years. No such luck.

I see you trying to fuck dwarfs now. What the fuck is wrong with you ? Fucking pervert.

Anonymous said...

What does starkers mean? Is it like running down the street early in the morning after taking a shot of Hennosy brandy and looking in the windows for sheep?

Anonymous said...

What does starkers mean? Is it like running down the street early in the morning after taking a shot of Hennosy brandy and looking in the windows for sheep?

Brian Fuckhowitzer said...

What kind of play list is that?

I hate Icky Sedalia. I drove through there once and all I saw was Icky white people like me. I hate myself and I hate white people and I hate Icky Sedalia. She wants to be Nicki Minaj.

Ya know, cum to think of it, I want to be Nicki Minaj.

Anonymous said...

i support the bear!

Anonymous said...

With a reach around

Anonymous said...

When I heard about mike Brown I prayed for Byron And The Bear.

Anonymous said...

Somehow we knew it was going to be about them.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you thief Funkhouser! Get some sleep, school busses start Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I like Byron. Has the balls to post his ID.

Deep down, I think that is what bothers you "anonymous" klan.

Anonymous said...

"You dirt bags enjoy the fact that you can call me names, but its not very impressive. Calling me a stupid sheep shagger makes you look stupid."

I don't recall anyone calling you stupid. Semi-literate, obviously, but not necessarily stupid. And I have no reason to question Flintlock's veracity.

Anonymous said...

Oh, goodie. Between Byron and Mensa Boy things could get a bit lively this fall!

Byron Funkhouser said...

The profoundly stupid comments we've all come to expect, but then nobody expects racists to be intelligent, after all, there are no races.

Thanks 7:58,

Flint lock needs his diaper changed. He's proud of being a stupid asshole.

Anonymous said...

You sure you're not hoping Flint will help you with your Depends?

nigga on 12th srteet said...

dat byron bitch need to wash he ass. i did him behind de cvs an he gotz shit all ovah mah meat! wash yo ass bitch!

JetRanger said...

speaking of comments anybody seen what KCTV5 has done to their comment section below the news articles - someone has a burr up theie ass about something down at that station, and my hunch is, its that DeeAnn Smith, their so called multi-media producer , shes trouble !!!