Wednesday, August 20, 2014


TKC NOTE: Missouri House Rep. Brandon Ellington has been on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri reporting back to his constituents and here's an important communication he's sharing right now . . .

Department of Justice should expand Ferguson investigation

“In addition to its investigation of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, the U.S. Department of Justice should expand its inquiry to include a thorough examination the Ferguson Police Department and possible civil rights violations committed by its officers both prior to the shooting and in its aftermath.

“Based on my personal observation and the testimony of residents detailing years of abuse, it seems the nearly all-white police department holds an institutional bias against the city’s predominantly black population. An outside investigation is necessary to examine these claims and seek enforcement of necessary corrective actions to ensure that the civil rights of all citizens are protected.

“When an institution that is supposed to protect and serve a community is instead seen as an occupying force intent on subjugating the local population, there can be no trust. The Ferguson Police Department must be held accountable for its actions.”

State Rep. Brandon Ellington
Missouri Legislative Black Caucus Vice Chairman
D-Kansas City

Brandon Ellington
State Rep. District 22
Vice Chair Black Caucus


Anonymous said...

"...the U.S. Department of Justice should expand its inquiry to include a thorough examination the Ferguson Police Department and possible civil rights violations committed by its officers both prior to the shooting and in its aftermath.
Based on my personal observation and the testimony of residents detailing years of abuse.."


Did he mention slavery yet?

"Based on my personal observation" WTF???? What a stupid ignorant slut!
Reminds me of the time I ran into a burning house to save someone, and later said, "based on my personal observation, the inside of a burning house can be quite hot and dangerous!" RIDICULOUS!!

Just another example of every Black person who holds office feeling overwhelmed by peer pressure and the need to conform to the anti-police, anti-White liberal agenda.

Anonymous said...

This is to Negro Please
The state just got back from St. Louis so he saw first hand what is going on there.
Where you been out with your kkk friends drinking.

Anonymous said...

How about launching an investigation on the losses of the business owners of that town and the two dozen cop cars destroyed? That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Fuck a bunch of niggers....No, fuck ALL niggers!

Anonymous said...

OOhhhh what a bold and wildly unpredictable position to take!!

That's real leadership for you right there, boys!!

Fred said...

Thank you Representative Ellington. I saw you in Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

Shut up you idiot. They ARE investigating and intimidating the media. You will get your pound of white flesh you disgusting filth.

Anonymous said...

We The People

Anonymous said...

Are these the same constituents who have been swearing up and down that Brown never struck the police officer who shot him? Sounds to me like the only problem they have in Furgeson is a bunch of lying mother fuckers who need to go to prison.

Anonymous said...

Great one more piece of shit politician jumping on the kill whitey cop band wagon. God forbid these assholes actually wait and see that this was completely justified. But that would make all the niggers burning and looting criminals and hurt their feelings. Jay Nixon should be ran out of town with the rest of the no job nigger activists, that guy is a total asshole. Remember white people and educated black people vote also Jay boy!

Anonymous said...

Stop. Stalking. Your. Son. We. Don't. Need. To. Hear. About. Brandon. Ellington. Every. Five. Minutes. We. Get. It. You. Think. He's. Special. Enough. Already.

Anonymous said...

The caliber of these people holding office in this state is fucking embarrassing. Is this the best Missouri can do?

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Anonymous said...

4:13 PM Sadly, this is the best that we can do because ordinary, sane people do not want to hold public office. It's always the ones with too many issues, too much drama, too little education who always seem to pursue these offices. Really, what else do they have? Sad turn of events.

Anonymous said...

The news shows all the stats that blacks are arrested, stopped, etc. more often in Ferguson than white people. Uh, could it be that there are MORE black people in Ferguston than white people? Yes.

Anonymous said...

It could be that niggers are just deranged animals, who need a good shooting...

Anonymous said...

City is 97 percent black and the liberals in the press are bitching because whites do comprise 97 percent of the arrest. And you ask what the fuck is wrong with America?

Anonymous said...

do = do not

Anonymous said...

Brandon Ellington can eat the peanuts outta my sheeeit!

Anonymous said...

And they can't understand why White people hate them.

Anonymous said...

Kim ?

Anonymous said...

And why we hate your stupid ass.

Anonymous said...

Now we find out the former head of the New Black

Negros, ZULU SHABAZZ is stirring up trouble right

in the middle of the marching hoodies. Why the

fuck don't they use live ammo.

Head shots seem to work !

Anonymous said...

Sad. Another good reason to move. If you live in the Ferguson, MO. area your property just lost a lot of its value.

Anonymous said...

To hell with Ferguson, but I would like to charm Brandon's black snake.

Anonymous said...

3:05 comment

You're going to have to translate your previous comment, if you want to be understood.

"The state just got back from St. Louis so he saw first hand what is going on there."

What is the intended meaning of the above quote?

Anonymous said...

The guy's just playin the crowd, seizing the opportunity like so many playuhs!

Wish he'd introduce some legislation to criminalize police brutality, open records about them, and require a police certification program with continuing education credits to stay employed.

We need smarter cops, not thugs who know nothing but chokeholds, smash mouth and covering for other bullies. I want cops who know the laws, the case law, the Constition, how to shoot to WOUND, not KILL, and how to calm people down rather than just TAKE them down!

That is what I want government professionals to do when we act a LITTLE crazy. Cops need to know the difference between criminals and upset citizens. And treat them accordingly.

Lets see if this politician can work on that. I think the highway patrol and the state gumment has Ferguson under control til the investigation comes in.

It's not so clear yet that this kid didn't have it coming. Lets not jump to conclusions! And Ferguson, just east of Lambert Field, needs to hire some minority cops who aren't white thugs! This is 2014... city officials should have done that YEARS AGO. Ya ask me, the city council and the police chief should all resign for dereliction of duty.

Anonymous said...


When I was sitting on the porch having my evening Tea my thoughts turned to Ferguson, Missouri. I have been reluctant to discuss this incident as I have few facts however the details are emerging. This is what we know to date.

When a Police Officer leaves home for a shift his goal is to return to his family in the same condition he left.
This officer returned home with a broken eye socket.
He encountered a 6ft 4, 300 pound young black man who beat him and tried to take his gun.
This Thug had just strong armed a local merchant.
This Thug was high on Pot.
After injuring the officer this Thug charged at the officer.
The officer fired his weapon to stop the attack.
He struck the Thug 6 times.
The Thug was killed.
Police and military personnel as well as security guards are taught if you fire your weapon continue until the threat has been eradicated.
News media flooded the area smelling a sensational story because the officer was white and the Thug black.
They manufactured a victim.
The reporting was not slanted but outright lies.
The race batters like Sharpton and Jackson salivated at the thought of crucifying a white man.
Our criminal President enter the fray. Our criminal Attorney General enter the fray.
Missouri Governor, a suspected criminal, entered the fray.
Elected officials and News media created a monster with false and misleading reports.
The officer was a decorated member to the Police.
The officer and his family had to go into hiding.
Death threats were numerous.
A grand jury has been empaneled in St Louis county.
While St Louis county is not black dominated, only St Louis and Ferguson.
Officer Wilson cannot receive fair treatment anywhere near St Louis or Washington DC
The Thug Brown is dead and the facts say justifiable.
The officer stands an excellent chance of being railroaded.

Now for the good part.

At least three defense funds have been established for Officer Wilson’s defense. One generated 40 thousand dollar’s in the first hour. You can find a complete list of the support groups on Fox News website.

A movement has been started to shut down, by force if necessary, MSNBC and CNN. Freedom of the Press is absolute however these have become advocacy groups not news organizations.

I encourage you to support the officer and his family but wait until the facts are in before forming a final opinion. It will be expensive to get these facts in the hands of the people so donate if possible to Officer Wilson’s Defense. Your donation in any amount is welcome.

We must stop Thugs and support our officers who put their lives on the line everyday. Officer Wilson came close to losing his

Charles Melton

Anonymous said...

Officer Wilson is a cold blooded murder. He deserves to rout in jail.

Anonymous said...

9:32 have you not thought that maybe no black cops want to work in that hell hole?

Looks to me like a lot of Ferguson's niggers don't want to work period.

Anonymous said...

7:14AM comment...Charles Melton


Charles Melton awarded Nobel Prize For Honesty in Reporting.

President Obama to have his Nobel Prize rescinded retroactively.

Attorney General Eric Holder is the ONLY cabinet official in our nation's history to be held in contempt of Congress.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Yes, but its this congress, so it doesn't count.