Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lucy Collett And Kansas City Saturday Night

Lucy Collett keeps shining as the sun goes down, and right now here are some of the other links we're checking. Take a peek:

- Sunday Foreshadowing: Partially collapsed church being demolished

- Midwest Advocacy: Woman still fighting back, one victim at a time

- Helping Hobos Who Served The Nation: Homeless veterans in Kansas City get a place to hang their hats

- Sunflower State Shortfall: Kansas taxes $4M less than expected in August

- Local Doggie Lover Consequence: Growth of no-kill policies can jam animal shelters

- Kansas City Pain @ The Pump: Kansas man says video shows he got charged for gas he didn't get

- Bill Shapiro Kansas City Saturday Night Soundtrack: It's Time For Some New Tunes

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Harvey "Goutfoot" Wireman, USMC Korea '51-'53 said...

I'm worried that we may not be honoring our military "warriors" enough during sporting events.

I feel like, at times, 5 or 10 minutes goes by without some reminder of our dalliances in the Middle East.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

You, sir, are stupid.

Flint Lock said...

Sheep and little boys are in danger.

Byron Fuckheadsor is back.