Wednesday, July 02, 2014


We're getting reax behind the sense and from a few consults involved in the upcoming "Phase Deux" of the toy train streetcar who don't think this will be a slam dunk for Mayor Sly and Council dude Russ Johnson.

To wit . . .


5. Clay Chastain light rail transit and the Missouri transportation tax vote will confuse everybody.

Nobody but Kansas City amateur urban planners really understands the difference betwixt light rail and streetcars . . . It doesn't help things that TKC TIPSTERS have already raised an important issues about the VERY STRANGE CONSTRUCTION of the downtown line and how that raises issues about a light rail future ahead.

4. More Voters

The voting district is bigger on this one and Kansas City's bigger plans make it harder to rig an election.

3. Total lack of community and biz support

Along the new line, biz owners are UNIVERSALLY REJECTING the prospect of construction, blighting toy train power cables running across the sky and even more taxes.

2. Organized opposition.

Mr. Peanut is funding Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar fighters now. This moves a lot of political support away from the project and really the Mayor and the consultants on this one haven't met with much success when there's organized political opposition.

1. Mayor Sly Is Losing Political Capital

This maybe the first instance where it's doubtful that Mayor Sly can ram through this issue with his charisma. Going into an election year, the Mayor is losing steam and other longstanding problems will take away from his streetcar advocacy. Council Dude Russ Johnson doesn't have any fans on this side of the bridge so he's not going to be able to help. Moreover, as soon as the Mayor is convinced that this won't be an easy fight . . . He'll start to distance himself from any political responsibility.


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The Wisdom of Devoting 27% of Transportation Funds to Streetcars

KC Biz Journal: MoDOT may steer $124M toward KC streetcar extensions

Remember . . . Before any of these other news agencies . . . THE TKC BLOG COMMUNITY AND AWESOME TIPSTERS noted the toy train asking for a HUGE CHUNK of MO Transit Tax Cash.


Anonymous said...

I will vote for it, but only if they pay me consultants fees.

Anonymous said...

what will happen after 2016 when the "E" tax is voted out?

Anonymous said...

"We're getting reax behind the sense..." whatever the fuck that means.

The "TKC blog community" also advocates lynching and the genocide of immigrants and blacks.

Conventional wisdom suggests the "TKC blog. community" is neither conventional or wise.

Hard Charger said...

That insight does not make you the smartest fellow in the room I am afraid 327.

Caleb Michael-Flies said...

Come on guys!
Do it for me!
Remember, I never want to own a car... it just doesn't suit my lifestyle!

Marvin Pontiac said...

i only hope that the geniuses that are cheerleaders for this mother of all bad decisions are still in KC two years from now... when the bills are coming due and it's becoming clear what a complete failure it is.

I'm guessing it will be blamed on an "economic downturn" like the P & L and 18th and Vine brainchilds.

Anonymous said...

I guess that probably should be "brainchildren" ... before one of you dullards gets all uppity.

Anonymous said...

3:27: Those comments are facetious, Mensa boy, unlike yours, which should be.

Anonymous said...

"On the other side are people like Russ Johnson, a sitting council member who is defining his time in office by pushing the streetcar and airport projects. Publicly, he doesn't help either cause with his level of discourse. Johnson sees any streetcar dialogue that isn't 100-percent aligned with his views as an attack on his mandate as the chairman of the city's Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

"Johnson has spent time rooting through journalists' Twitter feeds, including mine, and has leveled absurd accusations of bias against journalists who follow opponents of his projects on the social-media platform.

"Johnson also hasn't fared well in public appearances when quizzed about the streetcar's merits. He struggles to hide his disgust toward any commentary that doesn't square with his beliefs."

Too bad the article didn't mention or cite Johnson's inane all caps posts to TKC.

Anonymous said...

"Johnson also hasn't fared well in public appearances when quizzed about the streetcar's merits."

That's because the streetcar has no merits.

Anonymous said...

If Johnson spent more time on the "infrastructure" half of his committee tile and a whole lot less time on the "transportation" part, the whole city would be much much better off.
Not as much fun and maybe not even any private sector offers at the end of his term, but the streets, roads, and sidewalks would be in better shape and maybe the roads wouldn't evven flood after a little rain.
KCMO's inability to manage a project of this complexity and expense is about to become evident to all.
It will be much less and cost much more than all of Sly's grandiose announcements.
And there'll be so much finger pointing, safety goggles will have to be issued at city hall.

Anonymous said...

So 6:28, you're on the attack...what's your Twitter feed?

Anonymous said...

Most articles on the transportation tax, (including the cited KCUR piece) like to quote conservative who say they are against the sales tax because they're concerned about the impact the sales tax will have on fixed income folks. Not mentioned in the article is that the tax won't apply to groceries and prescription meds, rent and gasoline-likely the main expenses of fixed income people. In the meantime, these same conservatives opposing the tax support tax breaks for upper income people and businesses. So what are the conservatives really concerned about? Not lower income or working class people it would seem.

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on 6:06. The local streetcar tax will definitely apply to groceries. The state transportation tax will not. Both will apply to fast food and restaurant purchases. Additionally, the special assessment will not be deductible on income tax returns.

As for who is more concerned about lower income or working class people, let's consider how much more effective and less expensive improved bus service would be than a streetcar. And let's get real. The Prospect MAX is a bone thrown to the poor to get them to vote for this mess.