Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kansas City Newsie Week In Review

This week the Kansas City Public Television elite newsie chat show of record mixed it up with a bit of tribute paid to the new CVA dude in charge Ronnie Burt - A guy responsible for pretending that this cowtown is serious about tourism instead of just lining the pockets of all the corporate overlords who leach off this town from JoCo.

Mr. Burt deflects any responsibility KCMO needs to take for the GOP Convention FAIL and then does a bit of voice over narration of yet another local promo clip.

After that . . .

It was time for the Kansas City newsies to take the stage . . . Take a look:

Topics include:

- Toy Train & MO Transportation Tax Collabo

- Milton Wolf Pipe Dream That He's Gonna Win Against Longtime Incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts

- Golden Ghetto Gets Google

- The Border War Truce With Nobody

- More KCK Verr├╝ckt Coverage

All things considered, the show seemed to be a pretty agreeable weekly discussion that didn't include any of the nasty Kansas City slapfighting that reflects the real world.

More in a bit . . .


P Bear said...

Yawn, nut scratch , fart !

P Bear said...


**Eye Roll** said...

Sure, Ronnie Burt thought that Kansas City did everything right. Another hired yes-man to echo the sentiments of Sly James. Bright new shiny job and if he was so effective in DC there would be no need to take a job in all places... Kansas City. He's basically been demoted. Kansas City job is not a come up. It's a stepping stone. And of course, the new hire is Black. Welcome to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ronnie Burt is a hired gun, but he doesn't yet seem to have the City Hall/Power Player affectation. Plus he's an easy read.

Cleveland? I said it from the git go!

Anonymous said...

You all are not really happy with anything no?

Why don't you move?

Anonymous said...

Poor Ronnie Burt has the impossible job of trying to make Kansas City look like something it's not to the rest of the country. Might have been possible some time ago, but in the age of the internet and social media, it's way too easy to cut through the PR fluff/crap and get to the truth.
The world isn't likely to beat a path to a four-block "entertainment zone" of chain restaurants or have its breath taken away by a 2-mile streetcar line. Especially during KC winters or summers.
And the local folks know all about what really goes on in the urban core.
Good luck, Ronnie, if your job is making KCMO financially sustainable as a convention and tourist destination.

Anonymous said...

8:20: The 'sixties are calling. They want you and your "America: Love it or leave it" sign back.

Anonymous said...

Highly paid yes man to the KC insiders. Wait until all the insider contracts come in. His half a mil a year kickback salary means he owes a lot of favor

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the idea that anything in Kansas City "reflects the real world"?

Anonymous said...

Excellent point.