Sunday, July 06, 2014

Kansas City Can't Believe The Royals

Better than clueless hype, today we'd like to highlight a bit of cautious optimism regarding our beleaguered Kansas City baseball team.

Check it:

WaPo: Long-suffering Royals fans can’t quite believe that Kansas City is in the hunt again


"But here, the only emotion stronger than hope is caution that, at some point, every foolish believer will be punished for falling for the Royals again. Sure enough, the team followed the winning streak with its more typical erratic play, falling behind first-place Detroit, leading to panic . . .

"This season, though, the Royals seem fortified. Kansas City has a talented pitching staff, an elite closer and a stingy defense. Team executives targeted this season as the payoff for a grueling eight-year turnaround plan. A mostly homegrown — and relatively cheap — roster is young, exciting and skilled, and the crowds at the refurbished stadium are growing."

As with all things, we're still skeptical but remain hopeful despite Kansas City pro-sports teams, players and owners doing absolutely nothing to justify our faith.

Developing . .

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Anonymous said...

The owners don't care about your faith just your money