Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jeff Mizanskey Unjustly In The Joint For Life Over Nonviolent Marijuana Charges

WaPo reports on one of the WORST drug war mistakes in state history currently facing a public backlash: Missouri man serving life in prison for pot while some states have legalized it

Opposing Views: Missouri Man Seeks Clemency As He Serves A Life Sentence For Nonviolent, Pot-Related Charges

Death & Taxes takes up a paper campaign: Missouri man serving life sentence for pot asks people to send letters to the governor


Lethal Injection Hurts Less Than Being Aborted said...

If he doesn't like his life sentence then perhaps we should just petition to have him executed.

Anonymous said...

So...he didn't learn after his first two pot convictions that maybe he shouldn't do that anymore and to go get a fucking JOB?

Anonymous said...

Too Bad
No So Sad

Anonymous said...

All Prisoners Are Political Prisoners

Anonymous said...

Oh Fucking PuhlEEEEZE 12:42 PM.

Go back to the 60's and stay there.

Leave the motherfucker in prison to rot. He knew what he was doing and had several opportunities to stop being a felon.
Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

You fucking hipsters are total cocksuckers...fuck.