Saturday, July 12, 2014

Charlotte Springer And Kansas City Saturday

Charlotte Springer starts our Kansas City Saturday morning and these links we're looking at right now . . .

- Kansas City Weekly Report For This Week

- Tragedy Across The State Line: Fire claims a life in KCK

- Comeuppance Across The State Line: Ace Cash Express has branches in Kansas City, Kan., and will pay $10 million for allegedly using predatory practices.

- Revenue Rage: Fact check: Did Brownback increase the Kansas sales tax?

- SOS Krazy Kris VICTORY Over Democracy: Judge rules for Kobach on voter registration

- Testimony After Tragedy: Family of 9-year-old killed by amoeba urges others not to fear the water

- Global Climate Change Assurances: Polar vortex? Nope, just cooler Midwestern temperatures

- Skeevy Charges Against Suburbanite: Raytown man accused of abusing 6-month-old

- Kansas City Almost Victory: The Detroit Tigers beat the Kansas City Royals 2-1

- Farm-y News Morning: Report: Kansas wheat production estimates lowered

- Rainbow Money Remembers Our Local Tradition: World War I Museum teams with Google for online exhibit

As always, this is the OPEN THREAD for all comments off and otherwise . . .


Anonymous said...

Kansas City Report has 11 views , another waste of city money.

P Bear said...

Polar Vortex is what the Bear does after a shit !