Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Celebrate!!! Kansas City Columnist Yael Supports Little Undocumented Latinos!!!

Yael writing online and then in the newspaper a couple of days from now offers this perspective on the American dream and reactionary hateration: Red, white and blue-in-the-face Americans rage against immigrant kids


Anonymous said...

Haha guy has a sign in that pic that says we will take MS-13 you take Obama.

Anonymous said...

People like Yael and his lemming fans are such morons and idiots when it comes to National Security.

There's people-countries in this world that want to kill us.

Anonymous said...

Fael Abracadabra can fuck right off.

I hope the shitbag gets fatal TB from one of the scum coming across the border.

Anonymous said...

RE: Fael Aboutalkahnonsense

After initially welcoming waves of illegal immigrants into his personal residence, Mr. Aboutalknonsense is:

Red with anger. They don't respect his property or his house rules.

Is literally a white guy— literally.

And he's blue in the face after shouting at his once welcome house guests and their "I don't have to follow your rules" illegal-immigrant attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Headline should read:

Celebrate!!! Kansas City Communist Yael Supports Little Undocumented Latinos!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can move in with Fael in his Raytown trailer. Otherwise, deport the beaners and deport Fael too.

Anonymous said...

Does TKC refer to the little ILLEGAL kids entering the United States ILLEGALLY ?

Illegal is illegal. Ask your wanna-be love interest... Toni Bones.

Anonymous said...

OK AMericans get your bastard kids to the train station. They will pull out for Mexico at 8PM

Anonymous said...

249.... yael seems more like a hyde park guy.

And not because he works at a place that was once great