Sunday, June 01, 2014


Once again some of the most AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS offer a LIVE-LATE-BREAKING AND EXCLUSIVE look at Kansas City party district current events which include greater diversity, crackdowns and more than a bit of gamesmanship amid a fickle marketplace.

To wit . . .


Here's the word:


"If you lost your car at Westport Saturday night, it may have been towed to the Sunfresh parking lot. They seem to be paving some parking lots and there were warning notes on cars that were slated to be towed off if they were not removed by 3:15am.

"Also, starting this week, the cops blocked off a lot of access routes in and out of Westport. At around 1:45am it was difficult to find any way into the area and the exit routes that were open were heavily patrolled by cops looking for drunk drivers. There were no DUI checkpoints or anything. I think if a person was sober enough to make it through the labyrinth of blockades and cops they will make it home without killing anyone. This is the first week they are trying this approach and are planning to continue it throughout the summer. Though travel was a little annoying, the main drag turned into a block party after the streets got blocked off.

As an aside, the cops at Westport are generally less heavy handed than they are at the Plaza."


Now that Kansas City KICK-ASS CITIZEN JOURNALISM AFICIONADOS have offered their testimony. . . We don't want to add much only that Westport has always been kinda sleazy and this blog never bought the notion of a "renaissance" for the party place. Sure, everybody is entitled to get their drink on if they want but generally boozy celebration in Kansas City has always been kinda ratchet no matter what demographics are under consideration.

Westport is lively, diverse, sometimes dangerous but always interesting . . . Recent violence and crackdowns are part of a constant cycle in this town that wants to encourage party districts but then ignores so many consequences of a "drinking crowd economy" that hasn't really generated much revenue for Kansas City.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time. Parking can always be a bitch in KC. In due time, maybe they can take the train and vary their driving habits.

Think about the future KCMO!

Anonymous said...

What does it mean when something has "always been kinda ratchet?" Just curious.

Anonymous said...

It means Tony is too old to be hip but he wants to sound hip.

Grow up Tony.

Anonymous said...

Most people want to feel free, especially when they are not, and alcohol is a good way to pretend.

Anonymous said...

What is with this Westport bullshit?

We need a full on Truman Day's Round Up! FULL COVERAGE!

Who got drunk and slid a hand under that woman's hem?

Who punched a gay activist or pushed elderly cancer survivors to the ground.

Did Sanders announce his party switch, or will he wait for after the November election as planned.

Did Boom Boom Weir get sloppy drunk again?

Which candidate for County Legislature handed out vodka drinks to underage girls and told them "don't say where you got this."

Tony you have hung-over readers who know the answers to these and other questions!

Geezus H. Christ Tony you made your bones as blogger by providing the porcelain for the display of the political class behaving badly!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully a meteorite will hit Westport and totally level the whole place saving the taxpayers a lot of money in the process.

Charles said...

I was Manager of the high rise parking lot and The Landing for several years since parking was free except Fri and Sat night and no one wanted to pay on weekends people parked everywhere
There were so many exceptions for the parking charge everyone claimed to be free. There is adequate parking but you must charge. Sunfresh is a real problem but that can be addressed with Sunfresh cooperation.

Anonymous said...

So this is the new, wonderful, world class, and "vibrant" CK huh?

Anonymous said...

So it is all niggers now loitering, not buying anything?

Looks like a swell time. I bet our white wives and girlfriends will be treated with the utmost respect.

I give it 2 weeks until some poor white sap leaving kellys gets the ole Chris Bartholomew Diversity Embrace

Abu Garcia said...

Ahh, Westport... always with a hint of violence just underneath the surface.

Anonymous said...

7:21....while the Bear agrees with

the 30's, 40's year old, living

in mom's basement, trying to be a


Beyond that, anyone that thinks

for a second Westport is a good

time is a fucking idiot. Unless

your there with a "troupe" of

mouth breathers, most of which

are paying with mom and dad's credit cards, nah, nothing

"COOL" about Westport. Well,

unless you want to get puked on,

raped, beat up, or shot by a

rabid Negro on crack. Fucking

great time if your a monkey I

guess. Slum Fresh has plenty of

week old bananas.

Enjoy that homeless guys dog

shit on your shoes and the smell

of fresh puke that fills the

earling morning air. Tell Pat

and Kyle.... the Bear says Hi.

Anonymous said...

Ah, spring night in Kansas City.
Crowds of rowdies.
Tattooed teenage girls in hooker suits.
Cops everywhere.
Vomit perfumes the air.

Anonymous said...

Westport is only sleazy after midnight. And only for 2 hours.
And why does TKC call the Sun Fresh store (probably the most diverse in KC) Slum Fresh?

Anonymous said...

Sure are a lot of niggers in the "crowd" but then, there always is a lot of niggers where there are problems.

Anonymous said...

8:52- He's lobbying for more employment opportunities for his people.

Anonymous said...

Last night, Westport Security commented on the crowd that started showing up around midnight -- Saying that they were All black, not going into any bars, Spending no money, Flashing guns and Cranking their blown-speaker car stereos -- some even with their pre-grade school age kids. KCMO police fired off pepper spray into the crowd -- TWICE -- which, they said, is pretty much normal. And, of course, a couple bruthas were arrested with guns. These fucking animals hang out long after the bars close -- intimidating bar patrons as they leave. This Fucking Ghetto Mentality nearly killed Westport 10 years ago -- and looks like it gonna do it again. The media and city can sugar coat it any way they want...but the reality is that it's ALL Black ghetto/gang animals fucking things up. To quote Chris Rock -- "I love black people, I hate niggers." Well said.

Buzzwords Defined said...

"Diversity" = Niggers

Anonymous said...

"The urban core needs more density"

Says the urban planner living at Cedar Creek

Anonymous said...

The whole freaking diversity thing is a joke.

The word diversity was adopted by the Real Estate industry to make sure no clients rental home was sitting empty.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen nailed it.

I have seen the future brother: It is murder.

Anonymous said...

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cml said...

Ur friend's sister spends so much time porking ur dad she rarely eats.

That video is nasty.

Feral animals.

Anonymous said...

Westport makes money, and pays taxes, you suburban rube, unlike the subsidized strip mall of nowheresville.

Try again suburban troll!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun and vibrant to everyone except the suburban fearbots and trolls.

How was Poverland Oark last night? Hahahhahahahhahahahahahahah!!!!! Get it?

I switched the letters!!! Yayyyyyy clevar!!!! Hahahhahgahaha I make a funnay!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks fun and vibrant to everyone except the suburban fearbots and trolls.

How was Poverland Oark last night? Hahahhahahahhahahahahahahah!!!!! Get it?

I switched the letters!!! Yayyyyyy clevar!!!! Hahahhahgahaha I make a funnay!!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the burbs it was plenty of BBQ, great drinks, beer, home theater, friends and absolutely no shit bags interrupting the festivities. Now tell me again why anyone would want to partake in that shit hole Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

Westport doesn't smell like vomit. It smells like pizza, hamburgers, and car exhaust. The Plaza smells like raw sewage and car exhaust. I don't see how people can bear to eat dinner there. I don't know what Power and White smells like. Probably hot dog water.

Anonymous said...

There was at least one shit bag there ..I can tell.

Who would want that ???????? said...

Only a car carrying douche bag would dog someone out for living in a area that is :

1. Clean
2. Doesn't have a nigger problem
3. Has decent schools where a kid can get a education that doesn't include murder, rape, car jacking, or drug dealing.....ooooops...sorry Pootie, or pimping your sister and mother.

4. Has city services that actually work
5. Not building a billion dollar train that nobody will use.

6. Has families with a father, that has a job, a mother that isn't hooking or dealing drugs, and kids that can go to the mall without swinging from trees, and throwing shit at each other.

7. Kids can walk to the pool without getting mugged and they can swim in clean water, not the shit/piss of Turd Creek.

8. Kids can walk back home, enjoy a BBQ in the back yard with MOM & DAD in the backyard without having to duck from gunfire.
9. Know that the cops are not going to knock on the door and tell them their brother has been shot at 26th and Troost trying to carjack a elderly lady.

No, I can't see how ANYONE would want that lifestyle.

You hipster fucks enjoy Westport and Crossdresser or whatever they call it.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the car wrecks, taxpayer subsidies for strip malls and culdesacs, divorces, drug addiction, racism, graft, corruption and destructive consumption and waste...

Anonymous said...

Haha! Try again suburban troll. You've got:

1. Filth, waste and chemical pollution

2. A problem with anyone who doesn't look like you

3. Increasingly under performing as now underfunded schools that have the same problem with drugs, rape and MORE deaths from automobile use

4. Crappy city services that can't out out a fire in your home, catch criminals or keep up with your locust like sprawl and waste

5. No transportation choice, you are slaves to your cars

6. Just as many single parent and divorces families

7. No one can walk anywhere and no one does. You drive your pudgy soft children to play dates a block away

8. A child walking I the traffic sewers of Poverland Oark with it no sidewalks and 65 lanes of freeway speed traffic is more likely to die from an auto than gunfire in the worst neighborhood in kc

9. No tht cops can't find the rapists, burglars, and murderes that slink amongst you because they are too busy eye fucking people with missouri plates and writing speeding tickets to the soccer moms driving 65 mph to their "doctors" appointments for their pills, or slipping into the city to eye rape the gay boys waiters on the plaza or get a decent meal or go somewhere your khaki shorts and polo "beer bbq and buddies" ass won't take them...

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that Caleb left town, but apparently not. After all, it does take a while when you're walking and without adult transportation.
But all the rantings about subsidies, graft, and corruption are really a bit much for this early in the afternoon.
Try sleeping some of it off and giving something rational to say a shot later in the day.

Grocery parking lots.....The new place to see and be seen, raped, robbed or shot said...

Looks like a very eclectic mixture of hood rats, hipsters, and coal haulers. A veritable douche frappe.

RealTKCHeadlines said...


Marvin Pontiac said...

Ahhhh, but you wouldn't miss it for a day 3:18, would you now?

Oh, the self loathing you feel must be immense!

Anonymous said...

Of course the JoCo cops look hard at people with Missouri plates. Ever read a history book?

Missouri people have been coming into Kansas to murder, rape and steal since the 1850s. They were shooting Kansans to death and chopping them up with hatchets. Not just in Lawrence, but all over. For years.

Y'all are lucky that we let you drive into Kansas without undergoing strip searches and cavity probes.

Wm Quantrill said...

Keep runnin your head and we'll give you and your wife/sister/mother some Missouri python in the turd cutter.

Anonymous said...

Like Kansas 1850 were the Good Ole' Days? You can't even get over to Truman Days and video a drunken political picnic that's open to the public. Are you afraid the Storm Troopers will kick your doors in for shooting out of focus video?

The Man said...

Westport is nice but can get old real quick. the key is moderation.

Be careful with the ladies and the men folk.

Watch your drink, watch your ass. Don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff and have a good time.

Those are the rules of the game.

You heard them here first.

Anonymous said...

2:58, this blog is a sea of stupid comments, but congrats, yours takes the prize.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts 2:45. Subrube-an troll.