Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This photo shoot caught our attention . . .

Playboy's Elizabeth Marxs & Ali Rose | Cybergirls

And here are the TOP 20 Kansas City links we're checking right now . . .

- The New Kansas City Artsy Kingpin: Kauffman Center names Schofer as new CEO

- Missouri's 5th Execution In 2014 Coming Up: A three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has refused to overturn a stay of execution for Missouri inmate John Winfield

- Tiger Clawback Games: Mizzou basketball returns to KC, could face three Big 12 teams next season

- A Lesson In Sunflower State High Prices: Kansas Regents To Vote On Tuition Increases

- Show-Me Fear: A study shows Missouri is among the least safe states for families to live.

- Obamacare For Everybody: Kansas Hospitals Crafting Medicaid Expansion Proposal

- Political Slapfight Round One: Scott Morgan, Kris Kobach’s Kansas primary opponent, attacks his side jobs

- Lesson In Job Security: Effort to limit Missouri teacher tenure challenged

- Kansas City Search For Cure But STILL Be Sure To Wrap It Up During Research: Local company to start HIV vaccine testing

- Golden Ghetto Expansion: Leawood’s 135th Street corridor plan set

- LGBT Vote In The Burbs: Roeland Park getting closer to discrimination ban vote

- Damage Done: Police: Over $100,000 in damage done to vehicles at dealership . . . Reward grows in search for vandals who hit car dealership

- White Privilege Rests It's Case: Wife of Kansas Senate majority leader ends lawsuit against state over DUI

- Half Game Out Of 1st Place Before The All-Star Break: Kansas City Royals Roll to Eighth Straight Win

- Kansas City Doggie Good Cause: Collar for Collar on a mission to help pups

- Kansas City Urban Core Clean-Up: Neighborhood cleanup initiative focuses on one lot at a time

- Carb Chatter: McCaskill grills Dr. Oz over diet fads

- Busted In The Golden Ghetto: The JO promotes 'Dump the Pump' day with free rides

- Debating The Benefit Of JoCo Visitors: Blue Valley West hosts world’s largest academic competition

- Cowtown Austerity Dryout: Organization aims to repair some of KC's famous fountains

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Buh Bye said...

A statement issued by Attorney General Chris Koster after the execution said: “Nearly two decades have passed since John Winfield’s cowardly acts of rage and jealously changed the lives of three families forever. He brutally murdered two defenseless young women, one in front of her children, and attempted to murder the mother of his own children, leaving her permanently disabled. For his actions, a court lawfully sentenced him to death under Missouri law, and tonight that sentence has been carried out.”

"Winfield took four or five deep breaths as the drug was injected, puffed his cheeks twice and then fell silent, all in a matter of a few seconds."

Good riddance to a murdering fool the taxpayers have fed and housed for nearly 20 years.