Monday, June 23, 2014

Show-Me Far Too Much Democracy For Kansas City Dead Tree Media?!?!

Dead Tree Opinion seems to agree that voters aren't essential to the Democratic process . . . Dave Helling: Do Missourians face too many questions at the ballot box?


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4th time you checked in today. This blog has seen better trolls than you.

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RE: Dave Helling: Do Missourians face too many questions at the ballot box?

IT'S CONFIRMED!!!!! Dave Helling is ANTI-independent voter and PRO-nanny state.

He opens this heavily slanted article with the statement "On Aug. 5, hundreds of thousands of Missourians will head to the polls for the state’s primary election. They’re likely to find few choices of interest." Gee! Mr. Helling, thanks for predetermining the voter's appropriate level of interest! Where would we be without you?

Continuing on with his "journalist knows best" smugness, Mr. Helling writes, "a bewildering list of five proposed amendments to the state’s constitution." With language like that, do you suppose he's attempting to discourage the few members of the public trying to keep abreast of the issues?

"A right to farm and a right to arms. The largest tax hike in state history. Extending privacy protections to electronic communications. Starting a lottery to cover veterans programs." The largest tax hike in state history? Didn't he just previously tell us we likely wouldn't find any choices of interest on the ballot? I believe most Missourians ARE interested in stopping the largest tax hike in state history.

Dear reader, fasten your seatbelts for this next one! "It seems unlikely voters will be well-acquainted with the arguments for and against all of these proposals." Please read that quote once more, and then reflect upon the fact that this comes from a POLITICAL REPORTER AT THE KANSAS CITY STAR who while mentioning the proposed amendments, HAS FAILED TO ACQUAINT THE READER WITH THE ARGUMENTS FOR AND AGAINST THESE PROPOSALS!!!!!! So, you see dear reader, Mr. Helling is admitting to his own dereliction of duty. SWEET!!!!!

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I think Star readers face too many inane columns by Dave Helling.