Friday, June 27, 2014


Miranda Kerr and her magazine hotness starts our Kansas City early morning search for some of this town's most important links . . .

- Celebrate Lower Standards And Expectations At The Bar OR Another Reason To Drink Alone: Felons convicted of non-violent crimes can now tend bars in KC

- Sunflower State Longshot: Independent Senate hopeful in Kansas opens office

- Shot In The Back And Without Justice: Family wants answers about KC man's slaying

- Lottery Of Savings Because The Bank Is A Gamble: Kansas’ Sen. Moran pushes prized-linked savings accounts

- Brandy Campaign Bring Message To The Heartland: National anti-gun violence group launches in KS

- Guide To How Charity Will Ruin The Weekend:

- Cowtown Gay Marriage Ambivalence: Kansas City, other cities not following St. Louis challenge

- Pay Cable Celebrity Downtown: SkillsUSA competition stages final KC edition with celebrity Mike Rowe in attendance

- Another Rugrat Schedule Change: New bell times for KCPS

- Kansas City Urban Core Revival: Dormant church building on Linwood being revitalized with new purpose

- Local Football Farewell: Going To Kansas City: Retiring As A Chief

- Kansas City Solider Keeps Giving Back: Veteran who got the help he needed now looking to help others

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Anonymous said...

Of course the church is "revitalized" into offices for community grifter organizations.

Because Linwood can't actually support any legit businesses.

They should tear old churches like this down. Sad to see them occupied by the lazy and grifter class in KC.

Anonymous said...

What's up with her big underwear?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to tear into that ass and lick it like a thirst stricken dog.