Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lucy Collett & The Kansas City Link Sit Down

Lucy Collett and her curvy ginger hotness inspire our Kansas City lunch hour search for links.

Take a peek:

- Kansas City Top Cop Touts Community Engagement: Police Chief Discusses Community Involvement In Solving Crime

- Another Red Light Precedent Coming Soon: Missouri Supreme Court to review St. Louis red light camera case

- Kansas City TelCom Comparison: Report: T-Mobile best, Sprint worst carrier in KC

- Kansas City Kansan Reports Campaign Rules: Political signs not allowed on highway right of way

- - Show-Me Kansas City Road Tragedy Today: MoDOT worker injured after semi slams into work truck

- Naming The Local Dead: KCMO Police identify victim of weekend homicide

- Toy Train Construction Slate: Streetcar-related projects considered by KC development agency

- Northeast Spruce Up: Window art coming to the Scarritt Neighborhood

- Kansas City Counterfeit Cash For Junk: KCPD: Watch out for funny money at garage sales

- Perfect Politico For The Job: Prairie Village Mayor Represents MARC and the Kansas City Region on National Board

- Golden Ghetto Grift: OP police seek 3 in suspected distraction theft

- Cowtown Website Nagging: Healthy KC launches, seeks public input on health priorities

- Kansas City Lunch Link: Bleu Burgers' Tony Olson is seriously changing things at Chubby's, Longbranch

And this is the OPEN THREAD for the early afternoon . . .


Anonymous said...

How about we call her Lucy Muffin Top?

Anonymous said...

I just dumped sprint for t mobile. It's shocking to me that a locally-based cell provider could be the absolutely worst in its own city.

Anonymous said...

Chubby's is nigger central. You can't even park there, without some nigger trying to either rob you or steal something outta your car. No, too many niggers to risk going to Chubby's....Too many niggers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He's right. She's a fat ass.

Chester The Charlotte Street Molester said...

I love Lucy! I want to squeeze those rosy cheeks.

Anonymous said...

Whaddaya mean Sprint provides the lousiest service right here in its world headquarters hometown city? Lousiest of anybody? Shit, Bubba, they have a CEO who gets paid millions a month and all the rest of that jive-ass bigtime corporate bullshit every successful company has. This cannot be! That's like saying our local economy is built on perfumed farts and fairy dust!

Anonymous said...

Sprint has been a piece of shit as a wireless carrier for years. With Mr. Bigashitta in there as the new owner they've become pricks on top of being inefficient.