Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kansas City Chelsea Manning Peace Protest

Bridget Mary's blog provides the backround deets on a recent demonstration: "60 peacemakers gathered at the DeLaSalle Education Center in Kansas City, Missouri to resist fear and encourage peace. We began Friday evening with introductions and nonviolence training. On May 31st we called for a pardon for whistle-blower Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley) at Forth Leavenworth, where she’s serving a 35-year sentence."


Anonymous said...

He is still a guy who was dishonorably discharged and who is spending his life in prison for betraying his country. Calling himself Chelsea does not make him a woman any more than if I called myself Seabiscuit wouldn't make me run a mile and 5/16th in a minute and a few seconds. If he wants to live like a woman, they ought to send him over to Lansing, they got some dudes there that will oblige him.

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Whistles aren't the only thing that "Chelsea" blows.

Warden: Private Manning, you have visitors, I'd like you to meet Admiral Semen and Major Ream.

Chelsea: Thank you for coming.

Admiral Semen: Not so fast Private. All in good time. The evening's still young.

Chelsea: Exactly what kind of an Admiral are you sir?

Admiral Semen: I'm a Rear Admiral, rode every poopdeck in the Navy over my career.

Chelsea: And what about you Major?

Major Ream: I'm a Forward Logistics Specialist, I keep the tip of the spear pushing further than most think possible.

Chelsea: Sounds great, I'm eager to have you examine my briefs and suggest any new maneuvers you think might help my case.