Sunday, June 01, 2014

Kansas City Blame Shifting: Politicos Target Guns Not Mobs For Local Violence

For once we find a Dead Tree Media "As I See It" editorial worthy of note: "In Kansas City, nothing gets our attention like a huge brawl at the Plaza or the Zoo. But now some officials are trying to shift the attention away from the actual problem of mobs and attack our constitutional right to gun ownership."


Anonymous said...

"Some officials" will do pretty much ANYTHING to avoid addressing the actual issues causing violence and homicides in KCMO, which is the BEHAVIOR of a small minority of people who know that they can pretty much do as they please in spite of the inconveience and even harm to others, because anyone who challenges their choice of acting like a thug will be accused of racism, profiling, and who know what else.
And the police aren't going to do much because they fear the same thing and very well know that the elected and appointed cowards they work for will look the other way when the usual suspects come calling and shouting.
Guns, COMBAT, Aim4Peace, NoVa, and all the rest are just distractions. Until civil order and laws are uniformly enforced, the Plaza, Westport, P&L District, and anywhere wlse these goons choose to roam are all going to get worse.
Save money by canceling all these feel good programs and use the money to hire more cops and have a greatly increased and sustained police presence in high-crime areas.
Go big or go home.

Anonymous said...

People just can't say the nigger is the issue

Joe the Plumber said...

Your dead kid, ho or old man does not trump my constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

It's stupid fucktards behind the guns like Joey Plumba that's turning the country into Afghanistan for the Koch Brosalist that's the problem. So shut your fucking mouth before you become another Glen Miller-Cross?

Shut Up You Old Bags said...

Abortionists murder by the millions.

My gun never ripped a baby to shreds.

Ban Abortionist Murder