Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Double afternoon Kansas City news goodness should remind all of you d-bags that TKC HOSTS MORE CUSTOM CURATED LOCAL CONTENT AND INFORMATION THAN ANY OTHER NEWS OUTLET IN KANSAS CITY . . . But this also got my attention . . .

Anais Zanotti And Tahiti Cora In Soccer Jerseys And Bikinis

Now the local links . . .

- Nobody Wants Local Rugrats: Number of foster children in Kan., Mo., hit record levels

- Bad Tasting Coffee And Other Goods: Fair Trade products are on rise by retailers in Overland Park

- Deadline: Kansas City Cartoonist Charles Barsotti Dies

- Racing Past The Vote: Wyandotte County Election Office announces new voting location by Kansas Speedway

- Meth Town Scare: Bomb squad investigating near downtown Independence

- More Deets On Foodie Debate: Sen. McCaskill grills Dr. Oz on 'miracle pill' ads

- Fear In This Town's Worst Suburb: Police: Stranger danger reported in Grandview

- Midtown Kansas City Fundraising: Hyde Park holds annual garage sale, many proceeds go to help neighbors

- Kansas City Doggie Veteran Hero: Dog goes home with his savior

- Kansas City Survival Story: Baby survives liver cancer, two transplants and is 100th liver recipient at Children’s Mercy

- TKC Favorite Amphibian Link: Missouri frogging season to start

This is one more Kansas City OPEN THREAD . . .


Anonymous said...

"Meth Town Scare: Bomb squad investigating near downtown Independence" For fucks sakes people don't sit your pop can down anywhere or Delta Force will repel in to disarm the thing. This fucking mass paranoia every time someone leaves a diaper bag somewhere is getting completely stupid. I wonder how many thousands of dollars we are wasting on this clusterfuck.

Anonymous said...

Now thems some world cups on those girls.

Anonymous said...

Frog season! Far out. Goin out with my nine and gonna shoot me a shitload of them things. Frog legs tonight, baby.

Anonymous said...

I could eat Tahiti's ass till I passed out!!!!