Monday, June 23, 2014

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Kansas City

Newspaper publishes notice of a local gov. discount: "Kansas City’s Health Department has been receiving so many bed bug complaints that it has decided to offer pest management education classes for homeowners. The classes will be free of charge, and people who complete them can get discounted services from area pest management companies."


Anonymous said...

I thought I had the worst case of bedbugs ever, but it just turned out to be the crabs. Sorry Susi, Sorry Joan, Mary, Deb, Veronica, Sally, Thelma, Darla, Rebecca, Kay, Kathy, Donna, Roberta, Vicky, Lora, Bethany, Washita and Lashitme.

Anonymous said...

I got scabies and bed bugs from disney world. I stayed on park at the polynesian. FYI.