Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Celebrate Kansas City Top 20 Cool Ranking

Biz Journal notices that the toy train has increased our local prestige or something. . . KC makes list of top 20 'cool' American cities America's Coolest Cities ... KC ranks 14


Anonymous said...

Purposelessness - the new cool.

Anonymous said...

They must not have heard about how cool Overland Park is. Its pretty much world famous. Just last night I had a barbeque on my deck with my buds and some brewskis. That means beer. Fuckin sweet. Stupid hipsters are fucking gay, man.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a rating by "" to hang your hat on.
Did downtown KCMO make the centerfold in "Boring Flyover Visitors" yet?
How's the entrepreneur selling socks online doing?
Lots of folks drinking their own Koolaid, but it should be fun to go back and read all this rah rah about five years from now and then contrast it to the reality in front of us.