Thursday, May 01, 2014


It's a long standing complaint among Kansas City political denizens that only a few people partake in our local Democracy.

The close-relationships and closed community of Kansas City's ruling class often creates curious and tenuous busienss relationships.

And now . . .


Intercepted and sent to OUR AWESOME TKC BLOG COMMUNITY this memo seems to be creating quite a stir among the civic elite and local ruling class . . .

Here's the money line and the point of contention . . .

"The Ethics Commission must be given time to study whether the exculpatory language and the presence of paid city employees and consultants on the Commission compromise the City Ethics Code. Of course, it is best the Ethics Commission hire outside Counsel to aid in this investigation as the City’s Attorney has a conflict of interest in that it originally had the opportunity to offer its opinion on the establishment of the Commission under these circumstances, and may or may not have."

For the record an in fairness . . . Not everybody on this KCI Advisory Committee is a consultant or somehow employed by KCMO money . . . Just most of them.

And we're talking big contracts at stake too FROM THE BNIM STREETCAR on down . . 

Now . . .


The text of the memo is written in nearly coded legalese but still  INTERCEPTED BY AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS in the midst of a BILLION DOLLAR decision.


1 May, 2014

Bob Berkebile, Dave Fowler
c/o Mayor’s Office
via email:

KCI Advisory Board Housekeeping Issue,

Dear Mr. Berkebile and Mr. Fowler,

Many citizens appreciate the extraordinary service of your and your team members on the Advisory Committee. While there has been tumult, the diligence put forth is appreciated, and beneficial.

In the course of our work in attempting to bring aid and support to the Committee, the attempts made for a meeting with the descendants of the cemeteries claimed by the Airport and therefore under the purview of the State Court did not occur. One of several housekeeping issues is noticeable for need of the Committee for correction, which would have been resolved if the discussions had occurred. I call your attention to the item as a private citizen, speaking only for myself at this time.

The Mayor has declined to correct the item, so it must fall to the Committee itself to fix. On its website, the Committee states for the purpose of managing conflicts of interest, something to the effect that anyone who served on the Committee can work on the Airport redevelopment should their firm or firms be selected by competitive bidding. However, reading of the City’s Ethics Code shows at least one point where no Committee can pledge such a protection for well meaning volunteers later to be employed by the City on the same project for which volunteer efforts were given.

Any firms successfully awarded work, if that occurs, puts their work and that of the Commission in a light certainly not intended either by the firms, the Commission, Mayor, or City Council. The contradiction of an appearance of a conflict of interest would be costly to resolve after financing had been committed or funds spent.

Equally bad now for those current City employees or firms contracting with the City, their participating on the Committee can be seen in the light of advancing their interests for career advancement by providing their opinion on Airport matters. Their positions are compromised because they have to give pause to what their supervisors or elected officials will think of their responses. This item is demonstrably a violation of the City Ethics Code.

Therefore, speaking only as a private citizen and from a point of view of gratefulness for the service of the Committee, each Committee member is to receive this letter. They are as individuals to decide what the Ethics ordinance requires of them. As individuals, or for certain, the Committee as whole, must produce the City attorney’s opinion that this Committee, its appointment by the Mayor, the failure of the Mayor to correct the conflict between his charge and the City’s Ethics Ordinance, are each and all to be reported to the Ethics Commission. This action is of the highest priority for execution before any report is issued other then the simple hard facts the Committee has worked so hard to gather.

So that the work of the Commission can be properly respected and useful, The Ethics Commission must be given time to study whether the exculpatory language and the presence of paid city employees and consultants on the Commission compromise the City Ethics Code. Of course, it is best the Ethics Commission hire outside Counsel to aid in this investigation as the City’s Attorney has a conflict of interest in that it originally had the opportunity to offer its opinion on the establishment of the Commission under these circumstances, and may or may not have.

Be assured, my firm will not be bidding on City funded work at the Airport, but may continue our service for improving the Airport funded from private means. If a complaint is not filed by the Airport Commission at the Ethics Commission prior to issuance of any report to the City Council, I may be instructed to file that Complaint.

Lawrence Goldblatt
Business Owner/Resident



Anonymous said...

This is what happens when Sly appoints his friends to everything.

Anonymous said...

People can't be trusted with economic decisions... Marx was right.

Anonymous said...

James self appointed Blue Ribbon Commission on Ethics Reform back in 2011 didn't work to well. Obviously.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty common. They have way too much money in their pockets thanks to the airlines and ticket taxes. PILES of money...and contracts and designs are good old boy decisions.

Same true of drug enforcment money, public works, economic development.

Especially in a city with lazy news media, graft grows. I think the dikes failed in New Orleans beucase the Times Pickayune newspaper wasn't doing its job. City filled with graft, like NY, Chicago, Philly and we've learned, New Jersey. License to steal!

Anonymous said...

Abatements and other developer tax cut deals will kill the city. Just like they did to Detroit.

Anonymous said...

"Lazy news media" is the key. Bet you just about anything that the Star won't touch this.

Anonymous said...

Will the new terminal offer wi-fi to space wasting hipsters who end up triple paying for rent without knowing it, thinks Little Caeser’s is great pizza and moved to KC because yelp says it cool?

CH said...

Shame that Sly has turned out to be such a crook. He is helping his friends loot KC left and right, what a shame we can't elect a real mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sly's really just one of most of the council who really don't have any interest in public policy or city government and just look at being elected as a way to provide tax money for others' dreams and schemes, reward friends and supporters, and line up good jobs that they never would havve been considered for after they get termed out.
Circo is exhibit "A".
The streetcar fiasco is exhibit "A+".
The residents are just there to keep refilling the public ATM machine.
The innovation capital of the USA!
And everyone else in the metro just watches and laughs.

Captain Planet said...

@7:10 nails it. Now we have a new bunch waiting for their turn.

Anonymous said...

Sly James and the city council: you are sooooo busted. Now that the light of justice is shining, I imagine you will scurry like the cockroaches you resemble. Liars, thieves, cheats, law breakers.

I imagine a class action suit is in the works. All of the citizens in Kansas City, MO will be suing your butt and it makes me happy. Happy that you are finally shown for what you are, each and every one of you.

BNIM is to be audited by the Attorney Generals office. We all KNOW there will be revelations coming from that audit.

Lawyer up, Sly and crew, lawyer up. Your time has come. Shame on each of you. Shame on all who work for you and have not taken you to task. Congrats to the writer of the email. Hero. Pure and simple. HERO.

Anonymous said...

They should face ethics complaints and much more; so should all of the current City Council. This has been a dismal four years. Can't imagine how or why any one of the current class should be re-elected. That is truly puzzling.

Rot to Death in Jail said...

Sly should be charged with capital charges for crimes against humanity. The end.

Grant said...

All this kings horses and men were paid off. What a joke this Council has been.

Anonymous said...

God you guys are lemmings for Tony. If any of you knew Lawrence Goldblatt, you would not take one word from him without a serious grain of salt.

Of course, because a local nut bar affirms your point of view, he must be legitimate.......

There was a time when people listened to both sides of an issue before they made up their minds, but that was a lot time ago.

Have Tony pass along "Larry the Tipster's" contact information and you will learn how just 10 minutes on the phone with the guy will suck years of your life out of your cosmic being.

Anonymous said...

Okay 8:28.. Got it. You don't like anybody to question anything. YOU... Must be the answer .
Tell me.. What is the meaning of life and why did I see a turkey fly before I could run him over.
What is my cosmic being?

Anonymous said...

Goldblatt is friggin crazy.


Anonymous said...

You really ought to vet your sources.

Sam said...

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Larry Goldblatt said...

Do you think my foil cap will avert the alien mild melt?

828=nailed it.

Anonymous said...

I thought you said it was a lawyer's letter??

Larry's a wackjob.