Saturday, May 10, 2014


Tomorrow Kansas City endures the all-time worst day to ever visit a restaurant . . . Mother's Day.

Seriously, just about every server in town has a Mother's Day tragedy story that usually ends in gun play or crying.

Because this blog is written from our mom's basement we realize the truism that: "Every day is Mother's Day" and this dedication tonight should help LOWER EXPECTATIONS which is A KEY FACTOR FOR SUCCESS when any TKC dude reader has the rare occasion to encounter a lady.

And in reality, tomorrow is just a time for symbolic gestures because no cheap-ass grocery store flowers or meal at any one of this town's mediocre 3-star restaurants could suffice as a fitting reward for all of the sacrifice, dedication and love that Kansas City mothers bestow upon their mostly undeserving children.

UPDATE . . . One of you said it perfectly, local violence makes mom's cry . . . 2 shot at 39th & Elmwood

And so, here's tonight's playlist . . . Be nice to your mothers tomorrow and every other day after that.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Big Head Todd said...

Awww, that is sweet and creepy.

Anonymous said...

Gun play or crying? Lol

Anonymous said...

2 shot at 39th & Elmwood, 1 with life-threatening injuries

According to Kansas City police, it was a possible drive-by shooting.

Anonymous said...

Mamas are crying no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Twas' the night before Mother's Day,
When all through the basement
Not a douchebag was stirring,
Not even a louse.

The pinups were hung
by the water heater with care
In hopes that Jordan Carver
would soon be there.

The bloggers were nestled
all snug in their cribs
While visions of bosoms
danced in their heads.

(taking a snack cake break)
Feel free to pick up where I left

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Then all of a sudden, T heard a big crash
He flung open the basement door and let out a gasp
To his shock and chagrin he saw the clown Bonzo
Who was disguised as the hood crime fighter, fucking Alonzo ...

The Douche said...

I'd give it solid 7

Anonymous said...

You were kinda a cutie-pie, TKC.

The Good Guy said...

Happy Mother's Day to the ladies who read TKC. You endure a lot of junk from the jerks here to get your news.