Monday, May 05, 2014


Check news round-up from Missouri revealing a great many voters in this state basically mobilizing against teacher's unions . . . Backers of an initiative petition to eliminate teacher tenure and base employment on student achievement have submitted signatures to get the measure on the November ballot.

STL Post-Dispatch: Teach Great, the group supporting the proposal to eliminate tenure and instead base teacher employment on student achievement, said it turned in more than 275,000 signatures to the secretary of state's office.

Republic: It would end tenure protections for teachers and some other school staff by limiting their contracts to three years.

STL Public Radio: “Teach Great,” the group’s initiative-petition effort has largely been financed by financier Rex Sinquefield.

The crackdown is harsh but likely and notice the KCPS leaders have been strangely quiet on mounting opposition to this measure.

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Anonymous said...

Once you get rid of tenure, you'll have far fewer teachers reaching retirement in the system. A win win for those who want to turn education into a for profit venture.
Without tenure, who'd want to do the job? Always worrying about what some crazy parent will complain about for their retarded kid, or what some control freak administrator wants try next.
All this, including putting up with 25 spoiled brats, for meager pay and little respect from any side...who'd want the job?

Anonymous said...

Rex is reminding me alot of clay chastain. Can someone please find something worthwhile for rex to do with all his money.

Anonymous said...

You pay people for forty hours of work, expect them to work sixty hours a week then tell them their jobs could disappear at any time...great way to motivate a teacher.

Ever met a rich teacher? I haven't. Teaching is a pretty horrible job to be in. Exhibit 1. know it alls thinking they understand the job. I don't teach, just fyi, and please discourage any and all from becoming a teacher. Horrible job now with even less benefits.

Anonymous said...

that would be making a tough job worse.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Work 20 yrs retire. Work 9 months a year, off on Christmas break, Thanksgiving break, spring break. But I'll give em this, they do have to put up with a lot of screwed up kids with little help from some parents and most administrators.

Anonymous said...

Teachers will then have to do what the rest of us do. Stay current, be flexible, and compete.

Guaranteed jobs is a really lousy idea. I grow tired of public the FOP. Protecting their members' bad behavior. Teachers unions do the same thing, making it hard as hell to get rid of bad teachers.

IF they want to teach and work at being good at it, they'll do fine. Moreover nothing like aslight bit of INSECURITY to make us all motivated to perform better.