Saturday, May 10, 2014

Letter To TKC: Considering The Kansas City Single-Terminal Airport Scheme And Lyft

TKC NOTE: Here's a thoughtful perspective from a reader that's worth sharing on a Saturday morning. Take a look

Letter To The Editor:

Yes, We have an airport problem however the terminal is not it.

I was a “Road Warrior” for over 20 years and for 8 years boarded over 500 flights per year and 10 years well over 200. I have flown on everything from a 2 engine puddle jumper to the 747 and airbus. I have landed on dirt, grass, gravel, water, ice, asphalt, concrete and even a state highway once.

In all those flights I only remember two really good airports. Kansas City Downtown and Dallas Love Field. Both were near where you wanted to go and you could get in and out in a flash. You want to get in and our of the airport not see which one has the best Hot Dog.

Airports like Love and downtown had to be scraped because of the increase and advances in air travel. Both Dallas and Kansas City chose cheap land rather than a 50 to 100 year plan. Many air travels to Kansas City believe KCI stands for Kansas City Iowa.

At the present time Cab fare to Downtown, Crown Center and the Plaza is in the 75 dollar range. Sprint Campus, Garmin and Honeywell in excess of 100.00. The new Cerner Complex will be in the 115.00 range. Visit boardrooms across this country, mention Kansas City and their thoughts do not turn to The Sprint Center or Adkins Museum but to the Taxi receipt in their pocket.

One terminal? Three? Who cares. Travelers want in and out. No Hot Dogs or BBQ but either to get to their appointment or home.

Toy Train and new terminal are not on their minds. Lets go back and solve the ground problem then worry about terminals with bells and whistles.


Westport Trucky said...

The writer tells it like it is. But the idiots running Kansas City are to fucking stupid to figure anything out.

Anonymous said...

We need a new airport so high tech rip off artist from San Francisco, trust fund hipsters, and innovative LOOK AT ME ego trippers with inferiority complexes can say - wow isn't KCMO cool!

Anonymous said...

Most people want to feel free, especially when they are not, and alcohol is a good way to pretend. On top of the forty dollars they might spend on booze and food, the average Saturday night drunk can now spend another thirty on an Uber or Lyft cab.

Anonymous said...

I love to go to bars, love happy hour, like to get wasted, dig getting totally fucked up, like to drink. And would love it if the new airport has some craft ale bars, happy hours, and is open till 3:00 am!

Anonymous said...

Great insight!

Anonymous said...

Wuz letters to a editor?

Anonymous said...

So, a consumer is going to design the airport? WTF?

Folks, the same could be said for Stapleton or a shit box full of other dates airports. But anyone think, if they are near towns, there just might be a noise issue?

For all you deep thinkers that have a handle on everything from race matters to tax policy, you might take a minute and at least look up the word "inductive".

For the people who only go to Church on Easter Sunday, there is never enough parking.


Here is why Tony has become tedious on the light rail issue. In essence, Tony, the grand and insightful, urban transportation planner, arrived at the conclusion about the light rail project seconds after it was discussed in the public forum. Now, EVERYTHING, that goes less than perfect, and on a project of this scale, there will be many, Tony waves the flag that he was right and everyone else was wrong.

Rarely a day goes by without another one of these missives.

It's the same thinking that Russ applies in support of the project , only with a different outcome.

Dang, I am beginning to sound like Russ Johnson, but we should, minimally, appreciate mental capacity to a level of the crap dispensed by the cum and bear guys.

Anonymous said...

This area has never really been able to attract jobs. The only thing new is fake startups involving ridesharing or doing chores for 5 dollars.

Not real jobs, not here.

Anonymous said...

It's really quite simple. Demand U.S. Corporations bring back jobs from Foreign Countries, start making stuff in the USA again, pay people well, make quality stuff.

Bing! Everyone's happy.

Anonymous said...

7:59 hopefully a nigger will do a drive-by on your stupid fucking ass.

Anonymous said...

10:17 Agree 100%. So many of our social problems would be gone if people could work where they have jobs that paid a decent wage. If America went back to manufacturing, then it could afford assimilate the current illegal aliens into the country. As it is, if the illegals are granted amnesty, then we will have one big cultural cluster fuck.

Anonymous said...

@1202.....poster boy for stupid

take a bow