Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kemper Arena Redux And Mariner Tribute: City Hall Ready To Come To Yet Another Kansas City Forgone Conclusion

Kansas City Democracy (or at least its illusion) is dying a slow and painful death amid the current epoch of corporate greed and insider connections @ City Hall.

The latest example:

Council committee will recommend Kemper Arena's fate in 90 days

Money quote:

"A Kansas City council committee has decided to lead a study to determine the fate of Kemper Arena. Rather than ask Mayor Sly James to appoint another commission, such as the recently formed airport and streetcar commissions, the Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee decided Wednesday to vet two competing proposals for the arena site itself."

TKC TRANSLATION: It's already a DONE DEAL and Mariner Kemper might already be looking at sketches and architectural plans from his Colorado chateau high atop a pile of money.

Remember . . . KICK-ASS KANSAS CITY INSIDERS told us that most of the local political elite are already behind the plan.

More in a bit . . .

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Anonymous said...

STILL a great concert venue.
Too bad no current bands are good enough to fill it.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry they will have lot's of fresh taxpayer cash to play with once they cram through this new TDD coming up.

Kay Barnes said...

Have AEG pay to have the Toy Train service run to Kemper. Weren't they suppose to book shows at Kemper? Oh that's right they booked the Monster Truck Shows to the Sprint Center.

Anonymous said...

Ed Ford is just taking some time to ensure that the school and library districts pay for the demolition with TIF. Mark my words!

Anonymous said...

do like the san diego sports arena does and turn it into a giant swap meet

Anonymous said...

Just another lie from the "civic elite" when they promised Kemper would remain viable if we built the Sprint Center.

When are the citizens going to realize that almost everything they are told before elections are lies?