Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hayley And The Kansas City Link Look

Hayley-Marie Coppin seems kinda trashy in her latest NSFW photo set but we appreciate that here on this blog.

Also, check the Kansas City mainstream media links we're watching this early morning:

- For Better Or Worse: Most Of The KCPS Is In Summer School

- Tragic Payback: Kauffman Center refunding Maya Angelou tickets following her death

- We'll Pretend To Care: Will Tiahrt announce run for Congress?

- Missouri Rage: Nixon slams Legislature over $776M 'smorgasbord' of special-interest tax cuts

- Bi-State Pollution . . . Expect A Kansas Air Quality Crackdown: Kansas producing more carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour of electricity than most states . . . Missouri Stream Stay Losing: State investigating 4.5-mile fish kill in Clear Creek

- JoCo Controversy: Parents at meeting say proposed SMSD boundary fixes aren’t suitable solutions

- Show-Me International Shame: Army drill sergeant accused of numerous sex assaults in Afghanistan and Missouri

- Flash Mob Crackdown Might Be One: 15 Reasons to Love KC this Summer

- One Of The More Important Local Freebies: Health Department and HOPE Dental provide free child dental services in June

- Cowtown Football Trade Up: Will Kansas City Chiefs extend Alex Smith? Reports conflict

- Local Testimony: Man stricken by stroke at 29 aims to raise awareness

- USA Today 10 Best Kansas City Restaurants All Kinda Suck

TKC NOTE: A few of you are complaining about deleted comments . . . Seriously, have not touched a comment in MONTHS . . . can be glitchy at times, but for the most part we notice comment activity is pretty good so . . . Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City has nothing to sell but nigger barbeque and it's not that special.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Thank God....

Thought you said "Harley."

Only click starved Hearne would be crazy enough to give that guy a venue....

Anonymous said...

Me likes the links today. Especially the leopard print sexiness.

Anonymous said...

USA Today would not know a good eatery if it bitch slapped them into the news business. Lydia's ain't nothing, but the Applebees of Italian. Give some fat broad a TV show and the media starts kissing ass. To even have that dump on the same list as Jaspers is an insult to KC and the idea that Salvatore’s is not on the list just because it is small and in Independence just shows USA Today is full of shit.

Their top ten list should be "Top ten places to get little for your dinning dollar".