Saturday, May 03, 2014


While things seem safe on the Plaza this evening . . . Here's a note that Kansas City crime problems persist . . .

FOX: Police searching for carjacking suspect


"Shortly before 10 p.m. on Saturday, witnesses say a woman jumped from a car on Swope Parkway in Kansas City, Mo. When police got to the scene the woman told them she had been carjacked from Swope and Cleveland. Officers later found the woman’s abandoned car at Swope and Prospect.

Police are now searching for a 5’7” tall black male wearing black jeans and a black shirt."

Thanks to constant news reader complaints, credit to Fox4 for making a rare and bold suspect description.

Stay safe out there tonight . . . Hopefully, more for the morning update . . .


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Anonymous said...

This is a big, busy city. While its easy to run crime cheaply, its not as common as the lazy media would have you believe.

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Minimum wage needs to be bumped up...I think people will work if they can afford to with a liveable wage and a good work ethic.

I think a lot have given up and just take. More jailings certainly hasn't worked.

Enough whining and badmouthing. Got solutions or are we going to continue fixating on the symptoms?

Anonymous said...

ALEC walks in, takes what they want in the Missouri House and Senate.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What, did I read this right ?

FOX 4, KC's sex channel described the "jacker" as

a 5'7", BLACK MAN ?

Get the fuck out of way. A actual

description of a suspect. Not that we didn't

already know the race of the suspect.

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False. Crime only happen on public transportation, I mean toytrains boondoggle undue unjust burdens disenfranchise.

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Cars are never bad. Plus they are free and they pay for themselves and everybody gets to vote on them.

What The Liberal's Asshole said said...

I am sure this man would not have taken this automobile if he had not been a victim of racism and that greedy selfish white person should have given up their car to a less fortunate man. In fact they should have given him some money too.

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