Friday, May 23, 2014

Abigail And The Kansas City Early Links

Abigail And The Kansas City Early Links

Abigail Ratchford and her hottie photo goodness start our early morning along with our daily recommended serving of Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- Cowtown Garbage Price Gouging: Cost Of Kansas City Trash Bag Tags Spikes

- Perv Portraiture: Artist offers help to catch man who attacked woman in Lake Lotawana

- Po-Po Take Down Across The State Line: Man dies after struggle with Kansas City, Kan., police

- Senator Jerry Moran Leads The Charge For VA Change: Kansas lawmakers call for Shinseki to resign

- Kansas City Artsy Glass House: Nelson Art Museum showcases The Glass Labyrinth sculpture

- Show-Me State Government Coming Up Short: Missouri behind pace in paying tax refunds

- Wishful Thinking From Helling: Hints of Democratic resurgence in GOP-dominated Kansas

- Happy Talk For Old School Biz: New convention leader expresses confidence in Kansas City

- Another Real Estate Bubble: River Market residents see neighborhood revival

- 80s Movie Celebration: Watch Footloose and drink beer on the downtown library's roof Friday

- Kansas City Tribute: Memorial Day events are planned at the Liberty Memorial

- Memorial Day Weekend According To McTavish: The Weekend To-Do List: May 23-25

And this is the OPEN THREAD to start the day . . .


Anonymous said...

I guess all you Alzheimer patients don't remember the 10 million dollar funding cut at the Kansas City VA? Did you think people would live by the grace of god with no VA medical services? How do you like socialism now that the Koch Brothers have it all?

Anonymous said...

FYI....there is a big difference in a "BIGOT and a RACIST"

Perhaps some of you d-bags should pick up a Merriam once in a while and put down the sprouts.

Anonymous said...

That artist rendition of the sexual attacker at Lake Lottashitta is damn good.

How hard is it to find a guy with a scar from his forehead to the bottom of his chin ?

Hell, KCPD could solve that one.

Anonymous said...

What do Footloose and beer have to do with our library? Desperate.

Anonymous said...

Nurse Ratchford will now shave you before your hernia procedure.