Thursday, April 10, 2014

'Till Tuesday: Your Last Friendly Kansas City E-Tax Payment Reminder

From your favorite dying Midwestern town . . . "The City of Kansas City, Mo., Finance Department’s Revenue Division reminds wage earning residents that they have until Tuesday, April 15 to file their 2013 earnings tax returns and pay any tax due. This deadline also applies to the profit earnings tax for those businesses that are on a calendar year accounting cycle."

'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry


Anonymous said...

DON'T PAY YOUR TAXES...KCMO will only waste it, and their too incompetent to track you down.

Anonymous said...

You are half right - they are incompetent but they hire the most sleazy debt collectors to hound everyone.

Bean Stringfellow, local gadfly said...

Good job you fucking rubes who voted to continue this tax.
Just really breathtaking stupidity to fall for the mass mailings with the flatlining EKGs and threats of ambulances not reaching grandma in time.
Just how does it feel to have that big Ol' Mandingo Sly just hammering away at your quivering asshole, only occasionally taking breaks to adjust his bow tie and make the offhanded comment such as "Yes, ma'am, this shoooo' feel good!!"?