Thursday, April 24, 2014

Show-Me The Kansas City GOP Convention 2016 Visiting Day Tomorrow

TKC NOTE: Here's a statement local Republicans on the big day tomorrow . . .


Kansas Republican Party Chairman Kelly Arnold and Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin issued a joint statement on the Kansas City site visit by the Republican National Committee, (RNC).

“Tomorrow’s visit by RNC is the first step of many we count on seeing in Kansas City. The opportunity to host an event of this magnitude is giant step for Republicans and one not seen in forty years,” said Kansas GOP Chairman Kelly Arnold.

Chairman Kelly continued, “We are the heartland of America and we have good people who are ready to serve and make this event happen.”

“Given the opportunity to address the delegates on the floor of Kemper Arena, President Reagan gave us a glimpse of what the future could be,” said Missouri GOP Chairman Ed Martin. “That is why we are calling for Republican across the Midwest to send a statement to the RNC by volunteering their time ahead of 2016. Proving the groundswell of support Kansas City has to host the Republican Nation Convention.

“We are a county founded on the idea that opportunity is not limited. We have an extraordinary opportunity before us and we plan on capturing it and securing Kansas City’s place in history.”

The RNC will make its first formal visit to Kansas City on Friday, April 25, 2014. A final decision on host for the Republican National Convention is expect later this summer.


Anonymous said...

Still time to patch some streets and sidewalks, plant some shrubs, flowers, and trees where what's there now has been dead and crappy-looking for years, and touch up the fake storefronts at 18th and Vine.
Just be sure the swells taking the GOPers on their tours don't get too far off the prepared path.

Anonymous said...

How does the GOP feel about the success of unsolicited bulk mail over the past 40 years??

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they don't get shot.

Anonymous said...

So they will go to Zona Rosa and Overland Park?
No fucking way they take them to 18th &Vine, Crossroads etc.

Anonymous said...

Beware of downtown and the Plaza.....maybe take them to the new Aldi on Troost.

Anonymous said...

Introduce the GOP advance team to Alonzo. His glib tongue will cinch the deal for sure.

Anonymous said...

Gwen (Shit-Skin) Grant says that safety and violence are just not important to convention planners. Let's see if this genius is right. Once? Ever??