Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lesson: Kansas Education Spending Shame

Think Progress sums up Kansas dumbing down on education: Kansas School Funding Bill Gives More To Some Students By Taking From Others

"The change dropped statewide per-pupil spending on education from about $4,500 to less than $3,900, the fourth-sharpest drop in spending on students of any state during the Great Recession. Schools in lower-income tax districts were left scrambling, with one Kansas City elementary school going so far as to replace its nurse’s ice packs with frozen kitchen sponges."


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam!

I'll tell you where you can put your frozen kitchen sponges.

Anonymous said...

Don't replace the school nurse's ice packs. REPLACE BROWNBACK.

Anonymous said...

Republican Christian Dominionism at work.

Anonymous said...

Typical BS.

They are using chemical snap ice packs which are 1-3 dollars each.

So they switch to sponges at about $1 each.

When a zip lock bag filled with ice is 20 cents.

This way the 'sponges' sounds like they need more moneyz.